Renegade Immortal


This is postscript from the author Er Gen, not the translator.

Renegade Immortal has been over for nearly half a month. I kept saying there would be a postscript but never felt like it. It’s now almost new years, so I decided to sort out my thoughts and write something.

I wrote Renegade Immortal for 31 months, nearly 1,000 days. Looking back, it was quite emotional.

I still remember the first month of Renegade Immortal, where I had just a bit more than 10,000 people who put it on their bookshelves and barely any monthly vote, but Er Gen didn’t give up. Instead, I drank beer with red eyes, telling myself that even if my story was trash, I was going to write the whole damn story.

I went all out - write!

At that time, Er Gen was a newbie. I was confused about the future and confused about life. I always looked at the sky with many thoughts and ideals, but...

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