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Chapter 757 - The Defeat of the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum and Autumn Cicada’s Law

Chapter 757: The Defeat of the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum and Autumn Cicada’s Law

Xia Fei looked grim as he circled around Immemorial Mystical Armament Scattered Star Chrysanthemum. His eyes seemed about to spit flame and he appeared very angry.

Oro shrugged. “Immemorial Mystical Armaments are all like this. They enjoy delving into the minds of others and drawing out their deepest memories. If your mentality isn’t firm enough, it’s very normal for them to break you.”

Several minutes ago, Xia Fei and the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum had begun a mental battle. Xia Fei became furious whenever he thought back to it, staring daggers at the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, and it felt fear in return, constantly avoiding his gaze.

Oro was very curious. What sort of mental collision had occurred between the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum and Xia Fei just a moment ago? Xia Fei had seemingly become a completely different person now.

“Skywing blood? Earthling blood? One-fourth unknown blood? What does any of it matter?” Xia Fei began to advance faster. From these words, Oro could tell that the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum had been questioning Xia Fei’s background.

True, Xia Fei’s background was like an unsolvable riddle; even Oro had to admit that his background was rather bizarre, nobody knowing a single exact detail about it.

Xia Fei coldly smiled. “Bloodline, identity, genes? None of these matters! Remember this: I am me, and my name is Xia Fei!”

Xia Fei’s eyes flashed with a cold light. It seemed that the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum’s relentless attacks on Xia Fei’s mind had truly enraged him, and he no longer cared about the consequences at this point.

Peacock Blue unleashed all its power, its luxuriant leaves slamming down like iron fists that were several hundred meters long!


A mindblowing scene took place! Xia Fei began to use Peacock Blue to hammer the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum!

He made a circle with his right arm, causing Peacock Blue to rise high into the sky, and then he brought it down like the hammer of the gods!


Xia Fei’s blow was far too powerful, and the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum was instantly thrown into disarray!

*Bang! Bang! bang!*

Thor’s hammer came down again and again on the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, causing its tough and straight trunk to bend a few degrees!

Using Peacock Blue as a hammer? Oro was utterly speechless. This was a complete waste of a precious resource!

Up until now, Xia Fei had not regarded the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum as an enemy, only as a target that he needed to subdue, another Immemorial Mystical Armament that would become one of his allies. Thus, he had been somewhat apprehensive about harming it too greatly.

Alas, the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum’s resistance and its sinister attack on Xia Fei’s mind had provoked him, causing Xia Fei to regard the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum as his enemy!

Xia Fei had never shown pity or mercy to his enemies, and he was always determined to wipe them out!

This change in mentality had caused the tables to turn on the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum. Xia Fei had put away his protective feelings and had begun a berserk offensive!

“Falling Leaves of Autumn’s Demise!”

Let alone using Peacock Blue against the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, Xia Fei was even using the Law of Primal Chaos!


Moving at one hundred twenty thousand meters per second, Xia Fei shot up and slammed a palm into the trunk of the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum!


The Scattered Star Chrysanthemum tottered, star-like petals beginning to drift down from the tree!

Oro called out in shock, “If this goes on, you’ll kill the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum!”

Xia Fei coldly watched. “So what? Since it wouldn’t let me use it, I would rather kill it!”

Oro was utterly speechless. Placing a hand on his head, he sighed. “Killing an Immemorial Mystical Armament? You’ve really gone crazy!”

The blue blades of grass were still covered with thorns, but besides that, there were also some oval-shaped flower buds that seemed to be hiding something.

“Open for me!”

Xia Tian shouted, and the hundreds of flower buds opened at the same time, like countless stars climbing up the five blades of grass of Peacock Blue! Each one was a crystal of purest energy, shining with a mysterious light and possessing unstoppable power!

This was the result of a fusion between three wood-type Immemorial Mystical Armaments: Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, Nine Night Plum, and Peacock Blue! Peacock Blue could now bloom with the most dazzling flowers of death!

Moreover, after subduing the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, Peacock Blue had grown another blade of grass. It now had five long and tenacious claws and was much stronger than before!

Oro appeared very excited, sternly saying, “So this is what the fusion of three Immemorial Mystical Armaments looks like! Wonderful! With the energy crystal flowers of the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum, Peacock Blue’s defense and offense are several times greater than before!

“The flowers are hidden on the stem and can bloom whenever they want, allowing them to take the enemy by surprise! This makes Peacock Blue even more sinister and more difficult to deal with!”

Xia Fei firmly nodded and called back Peacock Blue in satisfaction. As its master, Xia Fei knew more than Oro and could tell that Peacock Blue had at least doubled its combat strength! Five blades of grass also meant that Peacock Blue was getting closer and closer to the complete form of thirteen blades of grass.

Oro shook his head and excitedly said, “You’ve already subdued three out of the Seven Plants of the Cloud Sea. If you also manage to get a hold of the End Mountain Leaf, the Unparting Pine, the Warpsea Lotus, and the Whistling Moon Willow, you’ll have a complete set of Immemorial Mystical Armament—the strongest of the wood type! I wonder what that would look like…”

Xia Fei also yearned to subdue all seven Plants of the Cloud Sea. With each fusion, Peacock Blue gained a new ability atop its original tenacity, and its combat strength received a huge boost, too. The fusion of all seven of these Immemorial Mystical Armaments would probably result in something that he simply could not imagine.

Changing the topic, Oro added, “Still, compelling the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum isn’t the right way. After all, it’s an Immemorial Mystical Armament. Beating it half to death just because it wouldn’t obey you is a little too tyrannical.”

Xia Fei shrugged. “I had first tried the courtesy route before resorting to force. The path was right there, and it made its own decision.”

Oro was speechless. He said in frustration, “Forget it. Regardless, completing the fusion of the Scattered Star Chrysanthemum is the most important. There are only twenty-four hours until the rapid advancement path ends and you officially enter the Ancient Battlefield. This is your last chance to improve yourself!”

The skirmishes on the Ancient Battlefield had never stopped, particularly when it came to the trio that consisted of Moon Song, Xiaoyu, and Autumn Cicada. As they were all women, they were forced to be cautious wherever they went.

Moon Song’s Law of Illusion was rather good, but it had a fatal weakness. In a one-on-one, she could easily pull the opponent into an illusion and work them to death, but on the outside, in large and open environments, the weaknesses of this law emerged.

When the enemy got too close, those warriors with high cultivations or sharp perceptions would realize that something was not right and would then discover that this was a disguise created by someone.


The power of the Law of Darkness descended like dark clouds, swiftly engulfing this disguised area. When the dark clouds scattered, Moon Song, Xiaoyu, and Autumn Cicada appeared in the distance, exposed to those Demon Race warriors.

“Haha! I knew that there’s something weird about this place, that there was this faint smell of perfume. It turns out that three human girls of such beauty are hiding here!” A dark-faced warrior with horns pointed at Moon Song and spoke in a deep voice.

Several of the warriors beside him laughed, as excited as if they had found some weapons left behind by the ancients on this battlefield. There were many times when beauty had nothing to do with the species. Although Moon Song and the others were not of the same species, there was no denying that their beauty made these men’s hearts itch.

“They’re beautiful women; alas, there are only three of them and five of us,” a lustful Demon Race warrior helplessly said. As he spoke, he even began to do math with his fingers as he tried to determine how to divide three between five.

Gritting her teeth, Moon Song grimly said, “Kill these scoundrels!”

Raucous laughter rang out in response to Moon Song’s outburst. It seemed that these demon warriors did not take them seriously, thinking that they were weak girls and not formidable warriors.


The Amethyst Guard emerged, Xiaoyu moving first to protect their surroundings.

“A guardian! High-ranking defensive law power!” The five Demon Race warriors were startled. Everyone knew the power of the defense-type laws, but they had not expected someone in this group of women to possess this ability. This meant that it would take quite a bit of effort for them to get at these three beauties.

At the same time, Moon Song placed two fingers on her temples, an invisible mental energy rushing out and locking onto the ugliest of the warriors!


His body swayed and then his expression went slack. Several seconds after, he unleashed a berserk roar, his eyes turning red as he thrust his fingers into his face and began to tear it up, leaving gruesome wounds!

All of this had happened too suddenly. The Demon Race warriors had never expected for these three beautiful girls to possess such formidable combat strength as well!

Though Moon Song’s large-scale release of law power was not as strong as she hoped, if she could infiltrate the mind of her enemy and let loose an illusion attack, she could be abnormally cruel!

“Aaah!” The Demon Race warriors paled and immediately charged!

“Kill! Kill these human women!”

The remaining four warriors immediately surrounded Moon Song and the others, and began bombarding Xiaoyu’s Amethyst Guard with their law powers.

No matter how formidable the Amethyst Guard was, it could not hold out against all these attacks coming in at all sides. Xiaoyu gritted her teeth and urgently said, “Young Miss, it’s your turn!”

Autumn Cicada remained cold and aloof, only giving her a slight nod. She gently flipped her wrist, and a white light emerged! Fantastically, this light had a form identical to Autumn Cicada!


The white person drifted out like a descending fairy. It arrived in front of a Demon Race warrior and continued forward without pause!


The figure passed through the warrior and disappeared, dealing no damage to him at all.

The Demon Race warrior froze in fear. He felt his head and found that everything was where it should be, and only then did he relax, a smile appearing on his face.

However, one second later, the smile froze on his face, as his entire body went stiff. It was as if he had been thrown into an ice cave and been frozen, every cell on his body freezing solid! A living warrior was turned into an ice statue in the blink of an eye!


An explosion traveled from the inside to the outside, and the warrior burst apart!

A small shower of snow rained from above. He had been disintegrated by Autumn Cicada’s law force and turned into shards of ice, leaving nothing behind!

Moon Song gulped in shock. She had never imagined that this icy and aloof Autumn Cicada could use such wicked law force!

What sort of law was this?

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