Super Gene

Chapter 3428 - Scary Possibility

Chapter 3428: Scary Possibility

“God Hall Leader, who is this Human King?” Light Goddess asked with shock. “He can absorb Qin Xiu’s soul and body.”

It was not only Light Goddess feeling this way. Many of the other Annihilation-class main gods were in shock as well. When Qin Xiu faced Human King, he looked defenseless.

God Hall Leader looked at Human King complicatedly. He eventually said, “There is no need to be so surprised. Human King is basically another Qin Xiu.”

“What makes you say that?” Light Goddess was shocked by this. She did not understand what God Hall Leader was trying to say.

God Hall Leader went on to say, “Back in the day, when Qin Xiu entered the geno universe, he had the protection of the Witch. That is what allowed him to live, persevere, and thrive. He grew up and went on to create Sacred and become its leader. At that time, his power still never reached the heights of what it needed to be. Despite that, he went as far as he was able to. So, he gave up his body. He gave his body to the self-gene race World King God, and he put his soul into the God Chaos Party Leader’s geno prototype armor. He wanted to control the geno prototype armor. He wanted to use his power to help his spirit body reboot and later go on to recover his body.”

After retreating into thought for a moment, Light Goddess proceeded to ask, “Are you saying that Human King has Qin Xiu’s World King God? In the geno universe battle, World King God, who had Qin Xiu’s body, was slain. Before World King God died, he sent Han Sen and Wan’er to the universe of kingdoms. The 33 skies had not opened at that time, but he ripped open a space barrier. Even World King God died for it.”

“Yes. World King God is dead,” God Hall Leader said. “Qin Xiu killed him, but don’t forget that the humans in the sanctuaries have World King God’s and Qin Xiu’s blood.”

“We know that already,” Light Goddess said. “It was after the crystallizers destroyed Sacred that they took the gene prototype from Sacred and combined it with their own crystallizer blood. It led to mixed humans being created in the sanctuaries and later populating it. Humans like that have World King God’s and Qin Xiu’s blood. Because of the crystallizer’s testing, it was not the sole result of World King God’s work. So, it was all considered an accident. Like Han Sen and the others, having World King God’s and Qin Xiu’s blood was weak and unneeded. That sort of blood would not be in Qin Xiu’s actual children.”

“I will have to admit that if they were bred naturally, it may not seem as if it is something that you could deem to be possible,” God Hall Leader said. “From what I know about all of this riff-raff, the sanctuaries were the original birthplace of what we came to know as Blood Legion. They practiced Blood-Pulse skills to refine their Blood-Pulses through the generations. You saw those geno arts. In Han Sen’s and World King God’s fight, that geno art was what they used.”

“Really? If God Hall Leader knows all of this, why did you not put an end to it?” Light Goddess looked confused.

God Hall Leader shook his head. “We are God Spirits, but we are not gods that know all. I knew about the existence of the Blood-Pulse Sutra, but the Blood-Pulse Sutra I saw was only able to refine World King God’s blood. After many generations, Qin Xiu’s genes have become thin. I never thought this Human King was still around. That was way too hard for my imagination to handle. He refined World King God’s blood to the max. I do not know what he used to accomplish that, but he reversed Qin Xiu’s genes.”

“In that case, this Human King is a combination of World King God and Qin Xiu,” Light Goddess said with a frown. “Even so, he should not be able to defeat Qin Xiu. After all, Qin Xiu has the geno prototype armor and reached Reboot class. That is not something Qin Xiu and World King God can do.”

God Hall Leader looked at Human King strangely. “That is what is so scary about Human King. He made his body possess the genes of World King God and Qin Xiu. He also did something scary to his body.”

After pausing, God Hall Leader went on to say, “If ordinary people had Human King’s body now, they would just produce another Qin Xiu. But this person used the flaws in Qin Xiu’s genes. He identified what the wretched things were and exploited them all for his own gain. It is because of this that he was able to take advantage of the flaws and use them to consume Qin Xiu’s soul and body.”

“How has he done something like that?” Light Goddess did not understand.

“It is very simple,” God Hall Leader said. “His body is Qin Xiu’s body. In this world, no other person has a body that is similar to Human King and Qin Xiu. Qin Xiu gave up his body. He adopted a spirit body and entered the geno prototype armor. Although he has reached Reboot class, he has not been able to use his reboot powers to get his body back. But that is just a product of the rebooting powers. It is not like his original body.”

“Are you saying that the soul meter of Qin Xiu’s current body is not as good as the one in Human King’s body?” Light Goddess asked. “So, Human King just needs to touch Qin Xiu’s body, and Qin Xiu’s soul will feel his body. The soul will then be attracted to Human King’s body.”

“Yes, that is precisely right,” God Hall Leader said with a sigh. “Only Human King can do something like this. His body is closer to the real Qin Xiu, so the prototype armor will think he is the proper Qin Xiu. It will not help the real Qin Xiu attack him. Thus, Qin Xiu cannot do anything against Human King. He is only allowing his soul to be taken by Human King. This Human King is smart. His Blood-Pulse Sutra can consume the blood of someone. If this is to continue, it will not only be the soul but also the body he has just gotten will be consumed by Human King.”

“Isn’t that a good thing, though?” Light Goddess asked. “If Qin Xiu is absorbed by Human King, Qin Xiu will be dead. If he is dead, we do not have to worry about Qin Xiu rebooting the whole universe.”

“Maybe.” God Hall Leader did not agree with Light Goddess.

Moment God, who was on the side, said, “Maybe not. This Human King has always had scary powers, but he never outright shows them. He never truly has. After all these years, he has finally been able to come face to face with Qin Xiu. In an instant, he has been able to take everything. He has waited an awfully long amount of time for this reward. He has been very patient. That virtue has now bestowed upon him a great reward. I reckon this Human King is scarier than Qin Xiu. We don’t even know what his ultimate goal is. What if his aim is crazier than Qin Xiu’s?”

When Light Goddess heard all this, she looked at God Hall Leader. She asked, “Mister Leader, is that what you are worried about?”

God Hall Leader said, “This is not what I am worried about. I am merely worried.”

Light Goddess spoke faster than her heart and asked, “What are you worrying about?”

God Hall Leader said, “Mister God rebooted the Blood-Pulse and God Chaos Party Leader’s geno prototype armor. These two items are things with an extreme amount of power. Qin Xiu was used by Mister God and the God Chaos Party Leader. That was how he combined them, but it was never perfect. There was always still a flaw. I am worried that if Human King absorbs Qin Xiu’s body and soul…”

God Hall Leader stopped speaking, but all the God Spirits knew what he meant. When they thought about the consequences, they felt a chill run down their spines.

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