Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Chapter 25 – Human Transformation!

Human Transformation!

Shizu-san said.

She passed me her life’s only goal.

Now, to realize the goal that befalls me, I must start to gather information about “Demon Lord”.

I had accepted it easily, but the promise I made must be fulfilled. .

I am a man who keeps his promises.

She left me with a new ability.

Unique Skill ”Shapeshifter” and Extra Skill “Fire Manipulation”.

Incidentally, it seems I also ate Flame Giant (Ifrit).

Even though it wasn’t my enemy, this guy is still dangerous.

After all, this guy surpasses rank A.

Without a question, neither Black Snake nor Black Wolf would be able to win against it.

I need to research its abilities, little by little.

But before that!

There was something more important that I need to check right now.

Right! Humanization!!!

I enter a simple tent, newly set up for my personal needs.

No one can enter! I said and closed the door.

Ku kuku, Kuha ha, Ku ha hahaha!

I correctly execute a three-stage laughter. (TL: it likes how villains laugh. Like the one Verudora use in chapter 3.)

“Traaaaan~ form!”

Although there aren’t any sound effects, executing Mimicry: Human!

It’s a first time I’m looking forward to the mimicked body this much.


............ What?


The black fog that always appeared during mimicking didn’t come out.

What’s going on! So, I thought, but my eye level became slightly higher.

I could also feel hands and feet.

And, my skin color changed from the normal pale blue.

Mu, mu mumu?

Though I don’t really get it, I feel somewhat different than from what I had intended.

It’s a shame that there was no mirror.


Although, I don’t want to admit it but I remember once feeling the same way.

A long time ago… around 30 years ago.

Feels just like when I had been attending elementary school.

I wanted to stop to think for a bit.

But there was something I had just notice; there was a big difference.

It’s gone.

In the new form I had taken, my Son had been missing....!!!!!!

What is the meaning of this?

I panicked.

I immediately went to check.

Thus, I came to know a shocking fact....

No...., none.

Smooth, there was nothing.

We~ll well, if you think about it, when I mimicry monsters, I had never wondered about such things.

With no need for excretion, I can’t be expecting to suddenly have those organs, can I…

An obvious truth… I, who doesn’t reproduce, has no need for reproductive organs.

The answer......, the state I in right now, the fact was.....

With deep sense of loss, I understand! Suddenly a worry beset me.

No way! I try checking my head in a hurry. It had bushy and soft feel.

I let out a sigh of relief.

I don’t look like an alien or some suspicious person… thank goodness!

Come to think about it, the black wolf’s fur was also bushy.

Just imagining a fur-less monsters makes me feel bad.....

Stop. Any further thoughts may prove dangerous.

Now, had I, who always maintains a cool head, became flustered?

By this time, I had already accepted the thing regarding my son.

However, it’s rather painful that I can’t check this body......

And then, a nice idea comes to mind. Can I use “Clones”?

As expected from myself.

Whether it’s possible to use in this state—I don’t know; but, let’s try it.

Black fog gushes out from my body, it gathers in front of my eyes and turns into human form.

In a moment, it completed.

This.... is dangerous

It’s dangerous, in many ways

First the appearance.

The figure is lovely silver haired, beautiful girl? Or beautiful boy? It’s natural because there is no sex, but....

In any case, the features were more like those of a girl.

Probably, because the original body was Shizu-san’s, my genes were nowhere to be seen.

That was, well… probably to be expected.

A lovely child, standing naked. Well, there are no parts to be hidden…

But that’s not the problem, this seems morally dangerous.

But, the insanely cute face. To Shizu-san > GOOD JOB! Let me say that.

I was a Nice Guy, but never this beautiful.

Thus, I honestly thank you.

I was wrapped in fur, and the clone also appeared with it.

Right now, I still had not prepared any clothes.

The reason why it’s dangerous was.

Because of its abilities.

The clone had excellent thinking capabilities, and completely linked to me.

Which mean, both are me.

There is no difference between the main body and the clone.

No, the ability of the flame giant (Ifrit)’s clones clearly are inferior.

Yet, I feel that my clone are not inferior. No, I wonder if it is lacking.....

There are differences.

In the magic power capacity. Originally the amount of magic power you can use is limited. It can’t use more than originally given to it.

It’s possible to keep giving it more magic power, however.

I have quite a lot of magic power. Depending on how I use it, it can be pretty powerful.

However, the flame giant (Ifrit)’s created about 10 clones,whereas my high performance clones are limited to a single body.

Though, if seen from opponent’s side, it’s definitely a cheat.

The last reason.

There was a lack of discomfort when mimicking..

I noticed it when the black fog did not occur.

For example, black wolf.

When turning into the black wolf, the mimicry configures it inside the black fog. But, it’s inferior to slime’s body abilities.

Even though slime’s body doesn’t have limbs, there are no restrictions on its physical movement, because the cell abilities were abnormally high.

Each one of the cells is muscle, brain, and also nerve.

Do you get it? The eye transmits information that the brain then processes.

But the slime avoids this process.

With “Great Sage” correction my perception speed are 1000 times the norm. Thus my reaction speed, is far about the ordinary person.

However, the body created inside the black fog has some lag-time—for the thoughts to reach the brain=actual brain.

Perhaps,the drop in quality of the clone was caused by this.

But, mimicking the human being does not release black fog....?

Because its reaction speed is equal to the slime. Thus, no discomfort.

And, due the fact that there are limbs now, its motor movements are better… But, it’s a child.

Still, it’s easier to move than as slime.

Also, because there no need for black fog, there is no need to consume magic power.

From now on, let’s try considering this as the main form! So I thought.

Suddenly I got an idea, so I issue an order to the clone.

To change itself, smoothly.

The clone began to growth!!!

The physique becomes slurry. Fluttering Silver hair. Beautiful, medieval looks


Furthermore from it, it can change into woman or man of any type.

It can become macho or fat, it also can became young man or old man.

I found it possible to mimic into variety of conditions. Also, the reason for the black fog was apparently to accommodate the additional mass, so turning into an adult requires it.

This might be good as I can thus enhance my physical strength.

Although the reaction speed decreases, it is more advantageous to have larger strength.

Well, speed are also one of the more important elements in a fight! So, I think.

From then on I carried out more experiments, and got used to this body’ abilities.

Thus I, in this world,got my hands on a human body!

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