Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Chapter 28 – Jobs

Translator’s Corner (an English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Pierrot: There have been some sad and hilarious mistakes along the way. First, Clown, what was that pathetic attempt at nuclear physics?

Clown: I’m a Clown. I don’t read or check my information. I just mention the first thing that pops into my head!

Pierrot: So, basically, you’re saying that we shouldn’t trust you?

Clown: Check my work! Clowns act in a way so that people make fun of them!

Pierrot: I think that should be laughing at them… but… demon lard?

Clown: Oh, you’re talking about that spot where I wrote “the demon lard is out for conquest”? That’s exactly as it should’ve been!

Pierrot: Haha. No. This is what happens when I have you proofread after I translate. I really should just leave the editing to AK.

Clown: But… but… I add all the humor! You know how long it takes to translate all the subtle jokes the author makes?

Pierrot: You do none of that! I’m the one who does that!

Clown: Sure… you keep telling yourself that. But all the readers know, the Clown is the funny one here.

Pierrot: Fine! Let’s have the readers decide! We’ll both tell a joke, and the better one wins!

Clown: Okay! What did the little fish say when he swam into a wall? DAM!

Pierrot: Here’s mine:BBC reports that two pedestrian died in a collision. But I don’t get it… how fast were they walking?!



Forest Disturbance Arc

Chapter 28 – Jobs

Making new friends is good and all, but will everyone get along?

I had such a worry for a bit, but it was quickly dispelled.

The ogres who have evolved into Oni.

Perhaps as they evolve closer to their ancestors they’ll unlock some special powers.

I know I said that it seemed like their powers surpassed A rank, but as their powers stabilize, they could end up falling down to A-.

Even so, they have clearly become very strong.

And furthermore, in a battle, perhaps more than physical prowess, special abilities are the key to victory.

I, myself, defeated Ifrit thanks to abilities.

So I must admit, I am rather interested in what kind of abilities their bodies hold.

Also, because of the evolution, the clothing they wore doesn’t fit them at all.

Since their bodies shrunk (though they are still bigger than the goblins) the sizes are too big.

Their armor broken, and their weapons chipped and cracked.

Curiously, they had dressed looking like soldiers fleeing from a battlefield.

And since their sense of style I found curious, I decided to ask

「Ay! Some 400 years ago, a young lad wandered into our village.

The villagers were suspicious, but the Chief warmly welcomed him.

Around the same time, a lesser dragon was rampaging in the forest. After expressing his gratitude, the lad defeated the dragon.

The villagers hallowed his name, and passed down his praise to us.

We began imitating the lad’s attire, and that has been how we dressed ever since.」

And that’s how it is.

They imitated his equipment and successfully recreated it?

「So, you recreated the equipment yourselves?」

「As you say. The lad had taught us various techniques, and through trial and error, we learned them. Kurobee, for example, is a blacksmith, and specializes in swords.」

Oh! To think that we already have someone to make swords…

Let’s quickly introduce him to Kaijin.

Since they’ve already met yesterday, the discussion didn’t take too long.

In fact, as if they had known each for years, they quickly started producing new weapons.

Let’s leave it to them.

Moreover, there was something surprising!

This world also has silk products.

Most of clothing I’ve seen so far were made from something that looks like hemp. Goblins’ original clothing, for example.

Well, whether it actually is hemp or not, I wouldn’t know, but it certainly looks like it.

But I digress. About silk.

That is something that can be harvested from a Hell Moth–a monster living near the Ogres’ village. Well, to be more precise, it’s from the pupa.

If the larva grows into a hell moth, it is a powerful monster with bewitching powder that is ranked B; however, during its transformation, it is perfectly harmless.

So you look for cocoons and gather those.

Shuna is an expert at this, and has been called the fabric princess.

Let’s introduce her to Garm and Doldo.

Garm is in charge of everyday clothing and underwear.

Doldo focuses more on dyes and high class attire.

While we cannot make those yet, we are making arrangements to produce them eventually.

As for hunting the cocoons–we left that to the goblin cavalry.

And while they’re at it, they’ll capture some larva to breed in the village.

As I don’t know much about silkworm cultivation, this may just end up succeeding through trial and error.

However, as we may eventually get some decent clothing, the pain may be worth it.

About my steel thread pile…

“I leave it to you!” I told Shuna, and handed it over.

「Got it! I’ll make you proud, Rimuru-sama!」

She answered with a bright blush.

Adorable. She must be at that age where she is happy to be depended on.

As an ogre princess she probably hadn’t worked with cloth besides as a hobby.

So even a bit of responsibility seems to make her happy.

The dwarf brothers are also happy to be working together with her.

Just please, don’t touch her…

Unlike how she looks, that girl’s frighteningly strong!

Probably, if they try touching her ass, they won’t be seeing the sun rise again.

These two are pretty perverted, so it makes me worry.

Well, the only reason I can worry about them is my lack of sexual desire.

If I had it, I’d have to worry about my myself over any other person.

Cause she’s so damn adorable!

Truly an Oni-hime (TL note: hime meaning princess).

You’d be risking your life each time you’d flirt with her.

「Shuna-sama. Shuna-sama has found employment?

Please calm your worries for I shall devote myself to Rimuru-sama.」

Shion pushed herself between me and Shuna.

It looked as if sparks were flying between them… nah! I was probably just seeing some optical illusion.

「Ufufu. How could that be if I shall be the one to care for Rimuru-sama?」

「Perish the thought, Hime-sama, I shall not let it come to that! I personally shall fully devote myself to Rimuru-sama!」

*Bachibachibachi* (Lightning sparks)

See? They’re perfectly civil!

And besides, I require no one’s care.

Having lived alone for a long time, I can manage all household duties.

So… let’s take our leave.

Is what I wanted to do…

「Rimuru-sama! Between myself and Shion, which would you fancy at Your side?」

They didn’t let me run away.

「Ah, yeah. Shuna has her weaving, right? So I’ll depend on you when you’re free, maybe?」

Depend regarding what?

I don’t get it. Shuna, on other hand,

「Understood!! I have been favored, right!」

Ah, yeah. That’s right. Let’s leave it at that.

「Right! Glad to have you!」

She smiled and nodded at my words. Cute.

「In that case, for the time being, please leave Rimuru-sama to me, Hime-sama!」

「(Tch.) Please take care of our lord!」

「(Fufu.) I live to serve!」

Somehow, the conversation grew heavy.

At that moment , it felt as if the temperature dropped in the room… but I probably imagined it.

You know, there are plenty things in this world to which you absolutely should say: I probably imagined it! This was one of them.


Together with Shion we walked around to oversee the construction.

Speaking of, what are the remaining three up to?

They were together with us up until a little bit ago…

「Hakurou-sama was our martial instructor. The strongest swordsman in the royal guard, surely he went to confirm the city’s defenses.

Benimaru-sama and Souei seem to have gone to check their abilities.

They are rivals and best friends. I believe they desire to test their new strength.」

I see.

Certainly, even I understood how important it is to check your abilities.

And Hakurou is a swordsman, huh. Really should have him teach me.

But if he’s busy checking the village, asking him for training will have to wait.

Kurobee and the rest as also busy making armor and swords, so that should be fine. But really, can’t wait to get a sword.

I really want to imagine an army of goblins armed with swords. However, in actual combat, a spear is surely a better option.

We went to look for Benimaru and Souei.

Or rather, we went to the area where two great auras clashed. A plain in the direction of the cave.

It was a battle like you’d see in a manga.

The red and blue aura would intertwine and fight for dominance.

The earth split and the heavens cracked? That’s how intense their fight felt.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. So these are Oni…!

Their armor crumbled from the strength of their blows. Not that it could protect them in the first place.

Their swords broke, but they continued the fight barehanded–in what resembled karate, with set techniques and rules. It was not an amateurs’ brawl.

… Um… they were ogres, right?

Their motions were so fluid that I wanted to ask.

「As expected of young master. Souei is also splendid. In our martial arts, barehanded skills serve as the foundation for mastery of the sword.」

Is what she said. The sword is an extension of your body; thus, first master the body…

These words were passed down in the village from the young lad who defeated the dragon.

Masters of martial arts ogres–if adventurers encounter them… I wonder how many unfortunate adventurers met such a fate. Let’s offer them a prayer.

Having noticed me, the two immediately stopped their fight, and rushed over.

No injuries on either of them.

If anything, they look like they’ve been playing catch or something.

「Rimuru-sama, I humbly thank you for this wonderful power!」

「With this power, I shall turn the orcs into a sea of blood in Your name!」

Yeah. Though I can’t say I’m looking forward to it.

「Promising words! I’ll leave it to you. Well, we still need the goblins to gather more information, though.」

「Has scouting been going poorly?」

「No, the goblins are excellent, but there are many dangers associated with approaching too closely.」

Right. For the sake of intelligence, I had sent out scouts.

However, as some orcs may be especially careful, I strictly ordered the scouts to avoid detection.

Upon hearing my explanation, Souei said

「Rimuru-sama, in that case, I shall go on reconnaissance. Please order me! 」

Looks like he has confidence in his espionage skills.

Perhaps now that he has evolved, the powerful Oni Souei may gather better intel than the goblins.

If anything, he looks cool-headed, so he probably won’t do anything rash.

Maybe I can leave it to him.

「Can I leave it to you?」

「Ay! I hear and obey!」

The moment he answered his figure vanished from sight.

Shadow movement.

I see he has obtained a wonderful skill.

With effort, I should also be able to acquire it. Seems like I have another thing I need to practice for.

「Sorry for using your friend…」

「It is of no problem. We must show results with the power you bestowed upon us!」

「I see… the orcs are your sworn enemies, after all. The day we fight them shall come; still your rage until then!」

「Of course. If there is anything I can do, please give me your command. I live to become your hands and feet!」

「… Is that so. Your words relieve my fears! By the way, did you find the goblins capable?」

「That I did. You had mentioned making a country here? Rimuru-sama as our monarch, Rigurdo as the Prime Minister? I fear I understand little in politics, but please leave the military matters to me.」

While we were conversing thus,

「Ho ho ho. Young master, you intend to put my old bones to use?

However, if it be for Rimuru-sama’s sake, then I shall force this old body to work!」

With such words, Hakurou had joined the conversation.

I hadn’t noticed his presence at all. Nor his body temperature.

Oi oi….

Had he struck me now, I would have been hit once without any warning…

This is what they call a master…!

In a better time, or perhaps had he been born as a human, he would probably be called a Sword Saint or something.

Nameless, never having gone out into the world, this grandpa (ogre) quietly polished his sword skills.

I can see how he’d be the strongest among them.

「Benimaru… are you stronger than Hakurou-san?」

「Fu. Rimuru-sama, your joke puts me at an awkward position. This old timer, rather, Hakurou is the strongest man in the royal guard.

He even surpassed my father. And besides, he is of a mixed race with the blood of the young human warrior flowing through him.」

「As he said. My ancestor was none other than the master swordsman Araki Byakuya!」

Japanese, huh.

Seems like from the time of the katana.

「I see, in that case, you are a samurai, aren’t you?」

A single, casual word caused it.

Magical energy escaped from Hakurou’s body, mixed with that of his surrounding, and then reassembled.

The amount of energy in his body did not change. However, its quality did.

I forgot about it. Evolution due to class change, huh.

A middle aged oni, but I seem to have reinvigorated him… now he looks as if in the prime of his life.

Well, he also looks shocked at the change in his body. I’ve done it again.

To think that just a single word of mine could have such an effect.

While his body was still adjusting to the increase in magical energy, it seems to have found the samurai class as appropriate to attune to.

I just pray he hadn’t become stronger than me.

「Good for you. From today on, you are a samurai. Samurai live by their loyalty. Serve Benimaru well!」

So I exclaimed.

「Wait a second, I always want to be made into a sa-mu-ra-i.」

Benimaru said while looking at me with eyes full of determination.

He really is like a stereotypical warrior.

But to ask now of all time…

「I can do that, but, are you fine with not becoming a village chief?」

「You speak those words at such a late hour! I have chosen to serve beneath You. I have pledged my loyalty to you. Again, I offer you my loyalty, please recognize me as a your samurai!」

「I, too, ask this of you!」

Shion as well, huh.

If it has come to this, I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet.

「I understand. From now on, you are samurai! Live for my sake!」

I feel like I’ve said this yesterday as well… how embarrassing.

But these guys…

「「「As You command!!! We pledge our entire lives to You!!!」」」

Without a hint of embarrassment, they pledged themselves to me.

By the way, I gave Kurobee the Blacksmith profession, and Shuna the Shrine Maiden class.

But Kurobee… though his power decreased as a result, he showed me terrifying skill at forging swords.

I should ask him to craft me a sword soon.

Shuna seemed to have been able to use black magic since the beginning, but becoming a Shrine Maiden seems to have revealed some secret arts to her.

Unlike magic, it’s not something she can teach other people.

Though if she acquires some seemingly useful skill, I’ll definitely ask to analyze it.

It doesn’t matter that she can’t teach it to other people. I have [Predator], after all!

I’ll quickly learn it the moment she gets it.

Fufufu. As for the guy who already has shadow movement, I know exactly what will fit him.

Right! What every child loves… ninja!

If it’s him, he could probably land a critical hit sending heads flying!

Actually… Hakurou can already do that… scary.

Just standing by him in human form makes me imagine my head flying off… how worrisome.

I have to further consider their strength.

Now that they have gotten stronger, I have to think of methods of improving myself.

I can’t keep depending on abilities forever.

Seems like I have much to learn for the upcoming battle!

Then, it happened. Revealing exactly what I needed to prepare.

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