The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage

Chapter 741 - Extreme Shamelessness

Chapter 741: Extreme Shamelessness

Xiao Meng kept her promise as she lowered her eyes in embarrassment.

Aunt He could not help but snort coldly when she saw Xiao Meng’s obedient and harmless look.

“You still dare to say that you don’t dare! What was your action this morning?!”

This little girl looked young, but she was actually very scheming. Otherwise, she would not have carelessly let Xiao Meng escape.

It was because Xiao Meng had previously escaped that Aunt He was afraid of stirring up the hearts of the people. Not only did she increase the number of thugs on her side, but she also specially hired a few local mercenaries with a lot of money.

It might not be a big deal, but it was the most suitable way to capture this kind of escaping little girl.

If everyone tried to escape in every possible way like Xiao Meng, how could her business continue?!

Seeing the mocking expression on Aunt He’s face, cold sweat started to form on Xiao Meng’s forehead.

She had long been displeased with this old witch. She cursed in her heart, but she still maintained a respectful expression.

“Aunt He, you must be joking. I didn’t think things through this morning.”

If it wasn’t for her and her brother being in the hands of this old witch, Xiao Meng would never have been so humble!

Seeing Xiao Meng’s smiling face, Aunt He was finally satisfied.

She quickly turned her face away and saw Su Wan sitting on the ground with her eyes lowered.

Although she was in danger, Su Wan was calm as if there was no one around.

Aunt He’s face, which had just turned a little better, suddenly darkened again.

It seemed that Su Wan was a noble person in her bones and seemed to have received a good education. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so calm…

Aunt He thought to herself.

She did not know Su Wan’s background, but when she saw that Su Wan did not scream like a normal man or woman who had been caught, but was sitting calmly at the side, Aunt He knew that this young woman was probably not a good person.

Ha, but who was she?!

Not only was she knowledgeable, but her connections were also wild!

She was not afraid of Su Wan’s temper. As long as she could sell her for a good price, she would find someone to train her.

No matter how sharp her claws were, she would crush Su Wan!

“Remember! I am a woman of my word! If you dare to run, I will first have someone break your legs and throw you directly to that pile of ghetto bedbugs who yearn for women. You two can consider it yourselves!”

Aunt He sneered at Su Wan and Xiao Meng. After saying that, she rushed out of the door!

Su Wan and Xiao Meng were the only ones left in the small storage room.

Xiao Meng looked at Su Wan awkwardly. She bit her lips tightly and her eyes turned red.

“Sis… Sister Su…”

Hearing Xiao Meng mumble to herself, Su Wan glanced at her unkindly, with a strong sense of displeasure and disgust.

“Don’t call me Sister!”

When she saw Xiao Meng’s beautiful appearance, especially the fact that Xiao Meng was somewhat similar to Lin Fei’er, Su Wan felt an urge to throw up in her stomach!

Su Wan’s mocking voice brushed past her ears, and the little girl who was standing at the side instantly turned pale, not knowing what to do.

Her tears fell, and she choked on a few broken words.

“I… I’m sorry… Sister Su, I know I’m the one who let you down.”

Those who did not understand the details might have thought that Su Wan had bullied this little girl.

Su Wan could not be bothered to look at Xiao Meng anymore. The corners of her lips curled up as she gave a self-deprecating sneer.

Previously, when she looked at Xiao Meng’s face that resembled Lin Fei’er’s, Su Wan felt that she was very kind and treated Xiao Meng like her little sister.

Now… there was only an indescribable sense of disgust left.

If you don’t know people well, you’ll harm others and yourself!

Su Wan leaned against the burlap sack beside her. Her slender but black fingers were tightly clutching the floor. Only then did she manage to control her emotions and did not pounce on Xiao Meng and give her a tight slap.

In fact, Su Wan did not have that much strength. She could barely get up now, but it was still very difficult to fight with someone.

Not to mention running away.

Su Wan felt hungry, very hungry.

From time to time, dull pain came from her stomach.

Su Wan did not usually like to exercise, so her physique was not very good. She also had a slight stomach disease and low blood sugar. If she did not eat on time, she would feel very uncomfortable.

Sigh, strengthening the body was the truth after all. If she practiced Taekwondo and gotten a black belt, at this moment, she could still take a gamble.

Thinking of Aunt He’s threat, Su Wan’s hands clenched tighter, and her fingertips turned white.

Without physical strength, she could only rely on her wits.

Moreover, since Aunt He mentioned some mercenaries, with her thin arms and legs, she would probably be dragged back before she could run two to three meters?

Therefore, it was too late for her to save herself now. How could she have the time to pay attention to Xiao Meng!

Revenge could wait, but saving herself was more urgent.

Seeing that Su Wan completely ignored her, Xiao Meng bit her pink lips. Other than feeling guilty, she also felt resentful that Su Wan did not understand her at all.

In any case, Su Wan was already implicated by her. It was only a matter of time before her appearance was exposed. Compared to the other two and her brother, who would not have a good ending, she might as well bear the consequences alone!

She was only fifteen years old this year, and her younger brother, Hu Zi, was only five. Were the two minors going to be destroyed in the hands of the human traffickers and become tools for others to vent their anger?

Su Wan had sacrificed herself to save them. It could be considered a great merit, right?

In the next life, she and her younger brother would do anything to repay her!

Fortunately, Su Wan did not know what Xiao Meng was thinking at this moment. Otherwise, she would really be angered to death.

At that moment, Xiao Meng finally could not stand being treated as air. With a thud, she suddenly knelt down beside Su Wan’s legs.


Su Wan’s brows were deeply furrowed. Seeing Xiao Meng kneel down so easily, Su Wan no longer felt pity for her. Her heart was filled with disgust.

Seeing Su Wan turn her face away, Xiao Meng gritted her teeth and kowtowed several times on the ground.

“Sister Su, I know I’ve let you down. When I go out with my brother, I’ll definitely be grateful to you for your great kindness…”

After going out, she didn’t even say that she would find someone to rescue her, and she even said that she was grateful. What a liar.

Su Wan was furious. She suppressed her anger and said coldly to Xiao Meng.

“So, is it enough for you to just say sorry? You and your brother can get out of this, and I deserve to jump into the fire pit?”

Xiao Meng wiped the tears off her face. She completely ignored Su Wan’s question and continued to sob to gain sympathy.

“I know we’ve let you down, but my brother is still too young. He can’t live without me. He needs me to take care of him.”

“Sister Su, you’re so pretty. The buyer will definitely be reluctant to give you away. You will definitely receive preferential treatment.”

When Su Wan heard such shameless words, the veins on her forehead bulged.

Without thinking, she picked up an item next to her and threw it at Xiao Meng!

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