The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1197: Instructed By Elder Qin

Chapter 1197: Instructed By Elder Qin

Hearing this, Cai Yu’s body shook and stared at Elder Qin in disbelief.

Elder Qin was about to order his disciple to arrest him, but Zeng Shouyue took a step forward and sneered, “Elder Qin, didn’t you just say that the recording stone was forged by Xi Yue? Why do you say that everything is Cai Yu’s fault now? Shouldn’t we listen to Cai Yu’s explanation?”

Elder Qin’s face turned pale. He wanted to speak, but Zeng Shouyue’s hand was on his wrist, and the pressure of spiritual power made him unable to say a word.

Cai Yu took a deep breath. Without any hesitation, he said solemnly, “After the results of the second assessment came out, I was really jealous of Xi Yue’s outstanding talent and I also concealed her talent in pill refining, but I didn’t think of framing Xi Yue for cheating. Because no one knows better than me that those five spiritual pills are really made by Xi Yue.”

“However, Elder Qin suddenly found me, and he asked me to tell the investigating elder that I monitored Xi Yue all the way and never saw him refine any pill. Moreover, he also took Xi Yue’s recording stone and extracted the footage that would be unfavorable to Xi Yue.”

“You—! You liar!” Elder Qin jumped up anxiously, “Cai Yu, you dare to talk nonsense. I will slap you to death right now!”

However, before Elder Qin jumped up, he was restrained by Zeng Shouyue.

Zeng Shouyue half-smiled and said, “Elder Qin, you seem really desperate. Can’t you just let Cai Yu finish his words?”

Huang Dean, who was in charge of forging, appreciated Cai Yu’s talent the most. He couldn’t help asking, “Cai Yu, do you mean Elder Qin instructed you to frame Xi Yue and her from the Miracle Healer Academy? Do you have evidence? Besides, why did Elder Qin do this?”

Cai Yu looked mad, but he glanced at Elder Qin in fear before saying slowly, “I heard that Xi Yue and the Feng Family have a deep hatred. Moreover, there is one thing, the students who participated in the assessment that day all know. When Xi Yue was trapped in the Illusive Forest and her life or death was unknown, many students hoped that Xi Yue could survive, but Elder Qin insisted on closing the teleportation array early. It seemed like he wanted Xi Yue to die immediately.”

“I can also testify about this!” Zhang Chong immediately stepped forward and said, “The assessment still have a few hours before ending and Xi Yue’s recording stone was still intact. It just couldn’t be activated. But Elder Qin wanted us to close the teleportation array. We even went into conflict with Xi Yue’s servant.”

Soon, the freshmen in the cafeteria, He Jiang and He Jieyun, also stood up and testified.

Elder Qin’s eyes were full of anger and fear, and his voice was stuttering, “You… you all… I’m an elder…”

Cai Yu said in a low voice, “Xi Yue’s recording stone is still in Elder Qin’s hand, and Xi Yue’s inscribed jade slip has not broken. As long as the inscribed jade slip is activated, the recording stone will sense it even if it is kept in the storage bag. Elder Qin, do you dare to deny this fact?”

Elder Qin screamed “ah“, staggered and fell on the chair again. His rapid and messy breathing indicated his fear and despair.

This time, everyone understood that what Cai Yu said was true.

Zeng Shouyue sneered and said with a frosty face, “So, you also caused the death of Chen Jiancheng and Feng Yunqing? And you want to blame Xi Yue for their deaths?”

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