The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1271: Who Let You In

Chapter 1271: Who Let You In

Tong Bing, holding the inscribed jade slip in his hand, returned to the dormitory area of ​​Huang Medical Branch with a pale face.

It was quiet in front of Huang No. 1 Dormitory. All the Huang Medical Branch students would avoid this place.

As if this was a restricted area; the most noble and mysterious place in the entire Huang Medical Branch.

Tong Bing’s heart skipped a beat. Looking at the simple house in the courtyard, a strong desire surged in his heart.

At this moment, someone saw Tong Bing’s figure and looked shocked when he walked towards Huang No. 1 Dormitory with an inscribed jade slip.

“Isn’t this the Tong Bing who came in through the back door? Why is he standing in front of Huang No. 1 Dormitory?”

“I heard that he was kicked out by the people in the No.4 Dormitory. He should have found someone to change the dormitory. Could it be…”

“No way? Want to get into Huang No. 1 Dormitory? Does he want to die?”

For a moment, it seemed as if everyone from the Huang Medical Branch who was still in the dormitory came out and pointed at Tong Bing.

Each of them had a look of contempt and schadenfreude on their faces.

Tong Bing’s eyes turned red again. He gritted his teeth, avoided the unbearable gazes, lowered his head and rushed into the Huang No. 1 Dormitory.

This time, everyone was shocked.

The trash who came in through the back door really walked in? Did he not want to live?

However, a quarter of an hour has passed, and the trash has not been driven out.

Half an hour passed, but there was still no movement in the courtyard.

“What’s the matter? Did Xuan Mu change? No longer kicking people out of the dormitory?”

“Yeah! I can still understand that Xi Yue didn’t get kicked out after he went in. Why is this kid fine too?”

“Is it because Xuan Mu isn’t here?”

“Are you stupid? In the past, even if Xuan Mu wasn’t around, someone who entered the dormitory would be tortured by the enchantment inside and thrown out.”

“Could it be… Could it be that Huang No. 1 Dormitory is no longer a forbidden place?”

Outside the small courtyard, everyone was discussing, but in the dormitory, Tong Bing touched the natural silk quilt on Xi Yue’s bed with eyes full of admiration.

He looked around and saw the spirit gathering array not far away in his eyes. When he walked to the center, he only felt a strong spirit coming toward his face. It was completely different from other places in Huang Medical Branch where the air was turbid and the concentration of spiritual power was average. Just like the downtown area in Miracle Healer City.

To be able to live in this dormitory with Xi Yue is really great.

Tong Bing remembered those people who said that the other owner of this dormitory was fierce, and a trace of fear flashed in his eyes, then he immediately clenched his fist.

As long as I behave well, Xi Yue and the person named Xuan Mu will definitely accept me.

So, for the next half an hour, he carefully cleaned the inside and outside of the dormitory.

Especially the beds of Xuan Mu and Xi Yue, the quilts on them were neatly stacked.

He also rearranged the material shelves next to the pill refining furnace.

His cultivation was not high, and his spiritual root was not pure, so he couldn’t use spells to clean.

But he believed that pure manual work would definitely convey his heart better.

A bright smile appeared on Tong Bing’s face.

At this moment, a man’s low voice suddenly came from the door, “Who let you in?”

Tong Bing was taken aback. He didn’t feel the man’s aura at all. When he looked up, he only saw a tall man with the sun behind his back. The stern face was hidden in the shadow, looking at him coldly.

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