The Long-awaited Mr Han

Chapter 2184 - Impressive Means

Chapter 2184: Impressive Means

“I won’t let her off, I’ll never let her off!” Xia Qingyang stared intensely at Lu Qi. “I want that shameless hussy to get her end! I don’t care about Lu Qiyuan, but she’s trying to squeeze me out of my position and replace me. Dream on!

“Tit for tat!” Xia Qingyang said fiercely. “He doesn’t care about me at all and is probably thinking about how to divorce me.

“But I haven’t gotten all his money, so divorce is a no-go!” Xia Qingyang was so agitated that spittle went flying. “Divorce? Only if he’s going out penniless!

“And we shall see what that sl*t can get! Ha! Forcing herself to service an old man and giving up her body, yet gaining nothing in return! That’s the best outcome!

“Wait until I get my hands on all his assets, then he can divorce me for his real love all he wants! I want to see if Jiang Yujie would still be the same when he’s penniless!” Xia Qingyang sneered.

Lu Qi questioned, “Mom, you know how to proceed?”

“Aren’t I thinking about it now?!” Xia Qingyang replied frustratedly. “Though we know where they’re staying, it’s useless to go there! Creating trouble for that hussy?”

Xia Qingyang considered for a moment before saying, “Why don’t we… hire a few people, kidnap that sl*t and r*pe her? Even if Lu Qiyuan pities her, it’d only be pity and he wouldn’t want that used woman anymore.”

“Mom, don’t be rash!” Lu Qi got a shock; Xia Qingyang was too brazen.

“People who’d accept such jobs aren’t any good people.” Lu Qi subconsciously lowered her voice.

Both were in the car and there was no one else here, so no one could hear their conversation.

But Lu Qi still lowered her volume guiltily.

“We can’t offend such people, nor can we handle it when things get outed. Who knows if they’d keep their word? Of course, I reckon those people won’t care about keeping their word in the first place. What if they went back on their word and exposed us?” Lu Qi still had her wits with her.

“Moreover, even if they took our money and did the deed, what if they got arrested and didn’t keep their mouth shut? If we’re exposed, it’d be a terrible crime!

“We haven’t officially dealt with Jiang Yujie before, so we don’t know her and her methods. But based on how long she’s been with the company and how she’s already managed to sink her claws into Dad so firmly, it means she’s no simpleton.

“She’s young and pretty, but aren’t there many other young and pretty ladies out there? There are many immoral women out there. Jiang Yujie’s not the only one,” Lu Qi said. “But Dad has never kept a mistress before. Why’d he fall just for her?

“She’s only just joined the company yet she’s managed to attract Dad’s attention. The company has many other attractive women, and they’ve surely tried seducing Dad, but to no avail. But she just came, and she succeeded. This means that she has impressive means.

“If we’re going to harm her, it’s best if we succeeded. I’m just afraid of her biting back.” Lu Qi continued, “Just look at that Xia Yixin. Not only did she sabotage herself, but she also dragged her family down with her. Did she do the dirty work herself? No, she got someone else to do it. But the person got arrested, and she too couldn’t escape the punishment.”

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