The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 1100 - Change of Objective

Chapter 1100: Change of Objective

“Qin, you b*stard!”

Someone shouted in the plaza.

A young man woke up. He had an angry expression on his face.

Hovering in the sky, the old man looked at him and roared, “Disqualified!” He waved his hand, and the young man disappeared.

“You’ll die horribly, Qin!”

Soon, someone shouted agitatedly again. Another young man had just woken up.

The old man remained impassive. “Disqualified!” He shouted.

He waved his hand, and the young man disappeared too.

“Qin, fu…”

Someone else shouted. The people in the plaza woke up one after another and started cursing loudly. They were all cursing that Qin guy.

The old man was quite surprised.

People have consistently been disqualified, but not as frequently as what was going on now.

‘Qin? Right, it’s that monster!’

He instantly understood.

That Qin monster had left a deep impression on him. It was not surprising that he had become a formidable figure in the illusory realm.

Killing so many people was nothing special!

“It’s fine, it’s fine!” He muttered and wagged his hand.

“Disqualified!” “Disqualified!” “Disqualified…”

People kept waking up. It started with dozens, and by the time the number of people reached the hundreds, the old man could not keep calm anymore. He was finding it hard to process the candidates.

“That kid seems quite vicious!

“What? He’s already killed almost eight hundred people. That’s quite scary!”

The old man was beginning to be flustered.

After a while, people finally stopped dying, and the old man heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the killing started again a few minutes later.

“Just you wait, Qin!”


The people woke up one by one and cursed.

The old man’s eyes widened. ‘F*ck! Why is it that kid again? Also, why is he going around to kill people? He’s supposed to kill the snake!’

Eventually, he realized that he could not just sit there.

A few thousand people had been killed!

There were about ten thousand candidates in the plaza, and almost half of them had been disqualified by now, and that number showed no signs of stopping.

The old man’s eyes and mouth gradually widened.

He was shocked!

‘Is that kid crazy?

‘Also, are all these people useless? How could so many people not kill a single person?’

Only six hours had passed in the real world, which meant that three months had passed in the illusory realm. How could that kid be that powerful in only three months? There were no supreme cultivation techniques in the realm.

“Trash! Trash! All of you are trash! Get lost!”

The old man waved his hands angrily, and the people in the plaza disappeared one by one.

“I don’t believe it! How could that kid be so powerful?”

His curiosity finally got the better of him, and he entered the illusory realm.

He was instantly stunned by what he saw.

‘F*ck! Is that kid sitting in the luxurious horse carriage and surrounded by people that filthy brat?

‘How did he become so rich? How could he afford to hire so many experts?

‘Also, why doesn’t he have a cultivation base at all?’

The old man was dumbfounded!

The truth was completely different from what he had expected.

He had thought that the kid had cultivated to be a martial arts expert, and the kid must be on a killing rampage at the moment. However, that kid was relaxing in his horse carriage.

“How could this be?”

The old man was losing his mind.

He had no choice but to go back in time to see what had happened previously.

After checking the past, he was stunned.

“Is he… even human?”

His facial muscles twitched, and he had the urge to vomit blood.

Making a fortune and hiring experts to kill the snake was indeed a valid method to complete the mission. However, he could not imagine someone achieving all that in a mere three months.

The methods that the kid used had left him in awe.

‘How amazing!

‘I’ve never seen someone conduct business like that!’

“This kid… is a business prodigy!” The old man exclaimed.

After coming back to the present and looking at the kid again, the old man began to worry.

‘That kid is too despicable!’

He could have killed the snake easily by now, but he did not do that. Instead, he had been going around killing the other candidates. If this went on, all the other candidates would be killed.

Back when his master set up the scenario, he probably had never considered this situation!

“No, if this goes on, there won’t be a third trial, thanks to that filthy brat. I’ll have to punish him a bit!

“Right, how about calling off the third trial. Anyone who kills the kid will be the winner! If the kid is the last person standing, he’ll be the winner.”

The old man smiled maliciously.

“You brought this upon yourself, you brat! Don’t blame me!”

He grunted and changed the objective.

Instantly, everyone received the update.

“The mission has changed. Instead of killing the snake, you are to assassinate King Qin. Whoever succeeds will immediately be the winner of the trials and is worthy of inheriting my master’s heritage!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard that, but they soon became excited.

“Hahaha! That Qin guy deserves what’s coming to him!”

The disciples of the Yellow Mountain Sect and White Dragon Mountain were cheering.

They were eager to set off immediately and try to kill him.

That Qin guy had many experts protecting him, but his greatest weakness was that he had no cultivation base. They would stand a chance of killing him if they planned it well.

Meanwhile, Tang Hao rolled his eyes.

He did not expect a change in the situation, but that did not make much of a difference. His original plan was to kill every other candidate anyway, it would only be a little more troublesome.

He twirled his fingers as he sank into deep thought.

“Return to the city!”

After a while, he lifted the curtain and shouted.

The carriage began to move toward Yellow Dragon City.

He set his plan into motion. Using his funds, he began to forge connections.

The illusory realm was quite big, and it included a kingdom with a complete administrative system. Mundane people were quite influential in the realm, and even the two sects were not as powerful.

Now that he had forgone the chance to cultivate, he could only rely on the power of the mundane world.

He began to spread rumors that the two sects were plotting something.

As the rumors spread, more and more people began to believe them.

In addition, he had spent a lot of money on his connections. Soon, he got the attention of the imperial court.

Following that, he bought himself the title of an official and swaggered along the streets.

“Hahaha! That Qin guy is walking alone. This is a great chance!”

The people spying on him were excited.

Several groups of people moved quickly. They tailed him for a while, and eventually, they could not withstand the temptation and went in for the kill.

“Go to hell, Qin!”

“I’m here to claim your worthless life, Qin!”

The figures rushed out from the shadows and attacked Tang Hao with swords and sabers.

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