The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1013 - Throw Away Everything Xi Jin Gave You

Chapter 1013: Throw Away Everything Xi Jin Gave You

Feng Tianlan pulled him into the room and said, “Okay, throw away everything, you petty little thing.”

Si Mobai looked up at her and smiled. Seeing how cooperative Lan’er was, all his anger dissipated.

Feng Tianlan pulled Si Mobai into the room and then began to overturn trunks and boxes. The place still retained the appearance of her previous life before her death. It was tidied and kept exceptionally clean. As she took one thing, she would talk to him about past matters.

After sorting the things out, she realized that Xi Jin and Xi Lin had given her most of them, not Jiang Ying and Shen Yunya.

Now that her hatred of that time was almost avenged, she was very calm in the face of these things. She had put down half of the hatred in her heart. She had also relaxed a lot in general. She no longer kept her face stony cold and did not have to give half of her heart to hate. She was now able to completely love.

Therefore, Feng Tianlan was in an incredibly joyous mood.

Si Mobai listened to her talk off to the side and then imagined her former appearance. He could not keep the corners of his lips from rising a bit. Any place was nice as long as Lan’er was there.

“They had given all of this to me. Just deal with it in whatever way you want.” Feng Tianlan pointed to the big pile of things sorted out on the floor. Afraid that he would still have some misunderstandings, she then said, “The other stuff was given to me by Sister Lin. I cannot throw away the things she gave me.”

Si Mobai took a look. There were medical books and pill scrolls. He said, “These are good things. It would be a pity to destroy them. They will go to auction and the proceeds can just fill a new treasury.”

“Okay.” Feng Tianlan did not object.

Si Mobai summoned Shui Jue to come in and commanded him to keep the medical books and pill scrolls and to auction off the rest.

“Let’s go. Enter my little treasury and see more of what I had as a child.” Feng Tianlan pulled Si Mobai to her own small, private treasury.

Today she just wanted to take Mobai along to understand her past. He cared a lot about her past. He was not a part of it, but she could help him understand.

Her little treasury did not contain many precious treasures but rather some little items, which held precious memories.

She went to a corner with a slightly loosened brick and found a somewhat rusty key to open the small treasury. Dust flew out the moment the door was opened. It was her own private treasury here. No one could enter other than her, and she had not entered for more than ten years. It was naturally full of cobwebs as well as a thick layer of dust.

Si Mobai furrowed his brows and walked to the front to help her get rid of the cobwebs. Then, with a lift of his hand, his Spiritual Force shot out and a gentle breeze brushed past to instantly sweep the cobwebs and dust into a ball which then landed in a corner.

Feng Tianlan examined his cleaning skills, full of appreciation. She then dashed to a small wooden horse with a seat cushion that was embroidered with peony flowers. She lightly caressed the cushion and said, “Mobai, this is the wooden horse my father made for me and this cushion was hand-embroidered by my mother.”

“I have never played with one before.” Si Mobai glanced at it. He had seen this type of wooden horse when he was a child, but he had not played with one. He was royalty and a master. He grew up training and cultivating.

Feng Tianlan was in a somewhat melancholy mood, which was held back by Si Mobai’s words. She gave him a sympathetic look.

“You can rest assured that I’ll make one for my children in the future,” Si Mobai added. He would have to start learning how to make these items when he returned.


“But Lan’er, can you embroider the seat cushion?” Si Mobai asked as he looked at the cushion in her hand.

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