The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

2725 Chapter 2725: Master Xiahou who went astray

2725 Chapter 2725: Master Xiahou who went astray

After Leng Kui saw Master Xiahou, he went straight to the point, “Master, can you send that Yun Chujiu back to the Hunyuan Sect?”

Master Xiahou frowned, “Why?”

“Master, you don’t know that Yun Chujiu is a bad person. She has only been in our killing Yuan sect for three days, and she was forced onto the competition stage!”

“What? On the competition stage? She didn’t get beaten to death, right?”Master Xiahou raised his voice.

“Of course she didn’t die. She used the talisman to scare the opponent into admitting defeat!”Leng Kui said angrily.

Master Xiahou smiled. “I knew that this little girl was full of bad ideas. It’s good that she didn’t die. Young people are bound to be competitive. It’s not a bad thing to go to the competition stage!”

“But, master, she also urged elder Qi to set up some kind of bet. It’s the kind of bet that bets on who wins and who loses.”Leng Kui wasn’t stupid. He saw that elder Qi’s attitude towards Yun chujiu was so good, he knew that there was something fishy with just a guess.

“What? A Bet? This is outrageous! Isn’t this making me lose my will to play with things? Go to the law enforcement office immediately and get someone to warn elder Qi. Stop immediately and don’t do it again.”Master Xiahou said with a gloomy face.

“Master, I guess that Yun Chujiu and elder Qi already knew that you would order them to stop. What they are doing is a one-time deal. You might not know, but just this one time, that Yun Chujiu earned 300 million upper grade spirit stones.”

“How much, how much?”Sect Master Xiahou suddenly stood up from his chair.

“300 million, master, you didn’t hear wrong, it’s 300 million!”! This Yun Chujiu was a restless person. Many disciples fainted on the spot. Moreover, she had earned so much money. could those people just let it go? They would definitely do something behind her back. I really can’t guarantee her safety,”Leng Kui said indignantly.

“300 million? Oh My God, how can gambling earn so much? Leng Kui, do you think our Shi Yuan sect should open a few casinos in the eastern continent?”Master Xiahou said excitedly.

Leng Kui was speechless! Master, you’ve Gone Astray, Alright? The key issue now was not whether the casinos would make money, but whether or not to send that bad deed back to the Primordial Chaos Sect, alright?

Leng Kui was even thinking just now that the primordial chaos sect couldn’t have deliberately sent this Yun chujiu to harm their primordial chaos sect, right? He had only been here for three days, and he had already cheated 300 million high-grade spirit stones. If this was three months, wouldn’t he still have to dig a hole in the primordial chaos sect?

When Master Xiahou saw Leng Kui’s constipated look, he had no choice but to restrain his emotions. He coughed twice and said, “Well, master was just joking with you just now. Can you tell me what exactly happened?”

Leng Kui told him everything he knew and then said, “Master, this Yun Chujiu is a troublemaker. It’s better to send her back!”

Master Xiahou shook his head, “You’re exaggerating!”! Although this little girl could cause trouble, it was not bad to let those idiots learn their lesson. She was really stupid! As for her safety, you can pay more attention to her. Moreover, that little girl is not an ordinary person. It’s not certain who killed who!”

Although Leng Kui felt that master Xiahou was flattering Yun chujiu too much, he did not dare to disobey. He could only admit that he was unlucky and decided to sacrifice a part of his cultivation time to pay attention to Yun Chujiu’s safety.

Ever since the matter of the competition stage, Yun Chujiu began to reign supreme in the kitchen..

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