Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 10 I'm Not As Petty As You!

Chu Yang continued to descend till the base of the cliff after he had consumed the Golden Blood Root. The gallbladder of the Seven Colors Golden Radiance Snake was a magically rare item used to cure poison as such there was no point in wasting it.

Chu Yang decided to return home after having taken care of everything. However, upon reaching the opening of the Purple Bamboo Garden, he witnessed two individuals conversing. One of them was speaking rudely and spoke about Chu Yang's master in a demeaning manner. He responded coldly in anger and as this particular individual introduced himself, he was sure that this fellow was the sole son of the Master of Locking Clouds Peak, Li Jinsong.

Chu Yang shouted at him, seething with anger "If you dare talk nonsense and continue to slander my master, I will, in turn, badmouth your father!". This anger was fuelled by a principle that he held close to his heart. This principle was that he would never be willing to lose to anyone. Whether or not it was in his current or past life was inconsequential.

"Who are you?" Li Jian Yin asked, a little stunned.

Chu Yang simply laughed at the stupidity of his question before calming himself and looking quietly at him with a puzzled gaze. Earlier he had already revealed that Meng Chao Ran was his master. It was surprising that Li Jian Yin would even ask a question like that.

He is clearly shaken up and impressed by my power. There is simply no point in replying his redundant question.

Such an individual is not worthy of my respect.

However, he had noticed that the anger within him had stirred the sword spirit, causing it rise and manifest itself needlessly. Such a thing should not happen again.

It doesn't matter because everything can be compensated for. All regrets can be corrected and made right.

Chu Yang felt that it was similar to this poem:

A horse enjoying the spring wind runs faster.

A person who encounters a happy event has a clear state of mind.

When elation rises, one's magnificence is boasted.

A cheerful book closes faster.

The world is beautiful, life is full of hope, how can one scoff at that?

Chu Yang was in too good a mood from having the opportunity to live life again thus decided not to bother too much with Li Jian Yin.

He paid extra attention to the way his sword spirit manifested itself uncontrollably, which could lead to undesirable situations. Thus he tried to understand what caused such things to happen in a bid to prevent future problems from arising. However, with his current low martial power, was best to leave it as it was

"Are you a disciple of Purple Bamboo Forest?" noticing that his opponent didn't answer, Li Jian Yin asked once again.

Chu Yang began to shake his head, looking in the general direction of the young lady, this was to make sure that he showed he wasn't interested in talking to Li Jian Yin. Despite his change in personality, he was still a proud person and refused to give someone like Li Jian Yin attention when he couldn't even understand what others were saying.

Li Jian Yin was livid; his opponent had looked down on him without any inhibitions whatsoever. He was incredibly mad and this brought out his desire to kill!

"Excuse me, you, are you, Chu Yang, are you Junior Martial Brother Chu Yang, a disciple of Junior Martial Uncle Meng?" The young lady smiled and asked gently, in a ceremonious manner.

"It is I. Are you Elder Martial Sister Wu, daughter of Older Martial Uncle Sect Master of Gathering Clouds Peak?" Chu Yang gave a short laugh. One glance earlier was already enough to let him know.

This beautiful and serene young lady was Wu Qian Qian, the daughter of Sect Master of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

She was considered to be the number one beauty of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

In his previous life, this poor lady was being tricked by Shi Qian Shan and even though the marriage between them did not become a tragedy of the sect, it was still the source of many regrets.

"So, it is Junior Martial Brother Chu Yang," said Wu Qian Qian smiling softly. "Only, you are not as people said. Earlier I had almost not recognized you."

"Surely Elder Martial Sister is joking," Chu Yang said casually. "Chu Yang is Chu Yang, there is nothing different. Rumors will be rumors. They are never accurate."

In Wu Qian Qian's mind, she felt a little strange. Although she was the daughter of the Sect Master and widely known as the most beautiful lady of the Beyond the Heavens Sect, this young disciple, Chu Yang did not treat him as others usually would, in fact, he didn't even bother giving him any special treatment!

However, this was because Chu Yang was already in love with Mo Qing Wu and spent all his time thinking and longing to be reunited with her and as such there was no room to spare in his heart for other women.

Even though Wu Qian Qian did not really enjoy the special treatment from others because of her family background, being treated like a normal person was a first for her. Moreover, she had heard of the three disciples of Junior Martial Uncle Meng. The first was very stable, deep thinking, hard-working; a youthful talent for the sect. The second disciple, Chu Yang, had an odd personality and was an introvert. The third, Tan Tan, was someone who completely didn't know his place…

However, through her observations today, she concluded that this man Chu Yang was no "introvert" in fact he was a little arrogant. Yet it was not the usual hint of arrogance by it seemed as though it was someone extraordinary!

Li Jian Yin was one of Wu Qian Qian's secret admirers, and she had been his object of affection for quite a long time now. In fact, he adored her so much that he imagined one day to be able to marry her. He would have had the best of both worlds – a beautiful wife and the son-in-law of the Sect Master…

However, when Wu Qian Qian was walking down the street laughing and talking, a hint of jealousy erupted from within Li Jian Yin. Although Wu Qian Qian was in a daze, her eyes were fixated on Chu Yang and there was a flutter in her heart almost like the feeling of "love at first sight"

The flame of jealousy reached his head and he even forgot the reason why they came; he walked angrily forward and inserted himself between the two. Laughing coldly, "And here, I thought it was someone else, turns out it's just the retard of Beyond the Heavens Sect!"

"Who's the retard calling a retard?" Chu Yang asked angrily with his cold gaze. His aura suddenly became aggressive, flaring its energy.

"The retard, of course, who else?" despite Chu yang's oppressive spirit, Li Jian Yin replied without thinking, not backing down.

"Wow, this retard is actually badmouthing me," Chu Yang said with sarcasm. "I guess you aren't as simple-minded as I thought you were."

"There are only a few people in the world who are able to understand their strengths. I really didn't expect Elder Martial Brother Li to belong to that group. I, Chu Yang, am sincerely in awe."

Li Jian Yin felt momentarily trapped but his words and was speechless.

Wu Qian Qian who was watching the situation unfolded from the side, was barely able to hold her laughter. However, despite her efforts, her eyes were almost tearing from stopping herself.

"Are you courting your own death???!!" Li Jian Yin was infuriated from being embarrassed by how he was shamed by Chu Yang in front of Wu Qian Qian. "Pull out your sword now! I challenged you to a duel!" As he issued his challenge, Li Jian Yin unsheathed his sword pointing it to Chu Yang. This was simply an attempt to show her that he was better than Chu Yang and that he was all talk and no action.

Being shamed in front of the person he loves, how could Li Jian Yin retain his composure?

"No, thanks. I don't need to duel. I admit…" Chu Yang spoke in a serious tone. "I am not as petty as you."

Immediately, he added, "In that aspect… I truly am unable to be compared to you"

Upon hearing this, Wu Qian Qian was unable to hold in her laughter and began laughing uncontrollably. However, she immediately regretted her decision as the situation was intense and was about to erupt into a serious duel. She quickly covered her mouth in a bid to conceal her laughter yet she was unable to hide the emotions bursting forth from her eyes.

Li Jian Yin became even more enraged and cursed loud, "How disrespectful…!"

Chu Yang also didn't let it go and responded, "Disrespectful? Who are you referring to?"

"Disrespectful cursing…" Li Jian Yin did not finish his sentence when he realized he fell into Chu Yang's trap again. Embarrassed, he screamed out,

"I'll kill you!"

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