Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 12 The Grievances of the Victim

Insulting Junior Uncle Meng alone was already a serious mistake, let alone attempting to kill his fellow disciple. However, the outcome had turned out to be the opposite of what Li Jian Yin expected…

Chu Yang looked fearful. Wiping off a cold sweat, he said, "Luckily, he fell accidentally… otherwise…Senior Sister Wu, otherwise I would have…"

He stopped and gazed at Wu Qian Qian earnestly. However, the use of the phrase "he fell accidentally" was truly scheming…

"Otherwise, you would have been killed." Poor Wu Qian Qian was clearly being manipulated by Chu Yang. She added, "There's really nothing more to say."

"Indeed!" Chu Yang clasped his hands together in acquiescence, agreeing with her. "Senior Sister Wu has always been very fair and just. You are very wise indeed."

At this particular moment, Wu Qian Qian sensed there was something amiss. But as she traced back the conversation in her head, nothing seemed to be wrong. Therefore, she simply nodded her head. Moreover, she was just a young girl. After being presented with a series of flattery, her judgement had become blurred.

Just then, Li Jian Yin finally lifted his head. Although he was injured, his ears were not deaf. He heard the entire exchange between Chu Yang and Wu Qian Qian. Hearing Chu Yang's lies and false accusation, Li Jian Yin almost spat blood and died.

However, a large piece of sticky mud was still wedged in his throat. Even if he wanted to spit blood, he could not. Enduring the pain, he dug the mud from his mouth with bruised fingers. However, he was unable to remove the mud in his throat. At that point, he could no longer hold his breath. He forcefully straightened his throat and swallowed the mud there and then… There was truly no other solution. Li Jian Yin would have died from suffocation had the piece of mud stayed there any longer.

Chu Yang and Wu Qian Qian watched Li Jian Yin as he stretched his neck. He resembled a little snake swallowing an egg. It slowly travelled down and finally ended with a "gulp" and disappeared. His neck returned to normal. The two spectators rolled their eyes and swallowed…

That was so disgusting…

"Plop!" Li Jian Yin finally spat out a clump of blood from his throat. His breathing was so difficult and strained that he momentarily forgot the pain in his broken leg.

However, this did not last for long. An intense pain surged through his thigh. Additionally, the mud that was swallowed caused a burning pain in his stomach…

Now, Li Jian Yin was angry that he had not just died. At the moment, he truly understood what it meant to be in 'agony'.

He wanted to curse someone very badly, but he could barely breathe.

A short while later, Li Jian Yin finally managed to raise his head and look at Chu Yang. He glared at him with a menacing look and said bitterly, "Chu Yang, just you wait! I promise I will never let you off so easily! One of us must die! Owww…"

As he spoke, his body trembled uncontrollably. He had wanted to assert his strength and authority in front of the woman he admired, but he simply could not bear the pain…

Chu Yang trembled slightly and spoke softly, "Senior Sister Wu, you can see for yourself how vicious this man is…"

Wu Qian Qian consoled him, "Junior Brother Chu, don't worry, I have already witnessed everything. How can I let others take your life? Junior Brother Li is just venting his anger, you don't have to take it to heart…"

Still lying on the ground, Li Jian Yin snorted angrily, "Oh… Oh…!" His stared at Wu Qian Qian in disbelief and finally closed his eyes.

"Have you truly seen everything? Are you sure about that? You too, have mocked me to death! Ahhh..."

Just then, Wu Qian Qian suddenly discovered something abnormal. She asked in a startled voice, "Junior Brother Li…what happened to your leg?"

She had barely finished her words when she was struck by another shocking reality. "Your nose!"

Li Jian Yin's eyes were already brimming with tears. He dropped his head on the ground and thought, "Oh god! She finally realized it. And she is worried about my injuries…" Overwhelmed with emotions, he cried out suddenly, "Ohhhh! Ohhhh!"

Son of the second most powerful person and the emerging talent of Beyond the Heavens Sect, Li Jian Yin was wailing uncontrollably in front of everyone! This made Wu Qian Qian extremely confused. She continued staring with large beautiful eyes as she tried to make sense of the situation. "Was the pain too excruciating for him? As members of the Martial World, we would rather shed blood than tears…"

Being oblivious to the situation, Wu Qian Qian was unaware that Li Jian Yin's emotional breakdown was due to the sorrow, injustice, and unbearable pain he was experiencing. Little did she know that the greatest cause of his sadness was due to Wu Qian Qian herself.

Just then, noises appeared from the Purple Bamboo Forest and two figures came running out, "What's the commotion about? Oh, Chu Yang? What's wrong with you?"

Before Wu Qian Qian could finish clarifying her doubts, Shi Qian Shan and Tan Tan had reached the scene. They only managed to catch a good glimpse of the situation after stopping a few feet away from them. The two new visitors simply stared with gaping mouths.

"Senior Brother. You must vouch for me!" Chu Yang called out with discontent. With such strong backing appearing at this perfect moment, it was only logical to exploit it. This was a salient opportunity to bring misfortune on another. It was certainly exciting to watch dogs fighting each other!

"Earlier, I was almost killed by him right in front of our territory… It's him! First, he insulted Master. Next, he called us retards…"

Upon hearing these words, Shi Qian Shan's face turned solemn. Although he was known to be a composed person, this was unacceptable. He would be too embarrassed to face anyone else if he were to remain ignorant of such blatant humiliation of his own master. It would instantly prevent him from becoming the top-ranking disciple. Moreover, Shi Qian Shan was a proud and self-aggrandizing man. He was committed to being the best of the best. He took a senior position as a goal to strive for greater recognition. How then could he allow someone to get away with calling his master a "retard"?

For a man like Shi Qian Shan, this was utterly unacceptable.

"Is that true?"

Shi Qian Shan's expression was grim. His eyes narrowed. Those words were not of anger but of respect and honour for his master.

Noticing the rising tension in the air, Wu Qian Qian hurriedly stood up to greet Shi Qian Shan, disrupting him from his thoughts.

"Senior Brother Shi, this is our fault. Junior Brother Li is still young and ignorant and his words can be insensitive at times. We hope Senior Brother Shi can hold back your anger and avoid disturbing the peace between fellow sect members."

Wu Qian Qian spoke with sheer humility. At the same time, she radiated a certain indescribable charm. It was a commendable attempt to neutralize the tension. However, her words had also implicated Li Jian Yin!

Shi Qian Shan's eyes lit up suddenly. Standing before him was a woman of marvellous beauty! Her looks were so spectacular that he could hardly take his eyes off her. While trying to maintain a serious composure, he said, "Oh, it is Junior Sister Wu. Since Junior Sister Wu says so, then I shall not pursue this matter any further."

Despite saying so, Shi Qian Shan still felt somewhat dissatisfied.

The next moment, Wu Qian Qian stood up, revealing Li Jian Yin who had been covering behind her. Tears and snot were all over his face and he was entirely covered in blood. He appeared so tragic that he seemed better off dead than alive.

Seeing the bloody and messy figure on the ground, Shi Qian Shan cried in surprise, "Who is this? Why is he crying? He is in such a pathetic state… is he not mortified by his current self? Who actually managed to subdue him?"

Shi Qian Shan turned to Chu Yang again, only to realize that he was also dishevelled and covered in mud, albeit without any injury at all. In fact, Chu Yang actually got dirty from digging for the Golden Blood Root…

Did Chu Yang cause these injuries? At that time, Shi Qian Shan did not recognize the bloody and beaten up person was Li Jian Yin. His was still reeling in shock but his words "I shall not pursue this matter any further" still hung in the air.

"Shi Qian Shan! I can't believe that of all people, even you dare to persecute me!" Li Jian Yin cursed between coughs. There was more than enough resentment to cough up blood. He said, "You, him and her, as well! Shi Qian Shan, I will screw up your life and never let you off! While I am still alive, I will never let you mongrels live in peace! I promise to make all of you wish that you were dead instead!"

Having suffered extreme humiliation and potentially permanent injuries that might never heal, Li Jian Yin's hatred was surging intensely. Not only Chu Yang, but everyone from Purple Bamboo Garden had instantly become his enemies.

His hatred was so strong that even Meng Chao Ran was not excluded. "If he had not taught disciples like these, how would I have succumbed to such a tragic state?"

"You won't let me live in peace?" Shi Qian Shan's expression was blank. He said coldly, "With your abilities alone? Do you even have the means to do so? If you wish, just go ahead. I will be waiting for you! If you dare to turn up in front of me again, I, Shi Qian Shan, will fight with you! And if you dare to provoke me, I certainly will not hesitate to take another life!"

Feeling that his words were both valiant and very entertaining, Shi Qian Qian laughed, "Haha!"

Shi Qian Shan was an astute person. These words may seem instinctive, but they were said with reasons.

"Chu Yang has the lowest cultivation and ranking among the disciples. How did this man get beaten up so badly by him? What a useless and incapable man! Even a hundred of him would pose no challenge to Shi Qian Shan at all!"

Furthermore, who would forsake such a perfect opportunity to exhibit one's heroism and courage in front of Wu Qian Qian? "Oh, Chu Yang! You just created an excellent opportunity for me!"

"Perhaps this event may spread like wildfire within the sect. All the elders in the sect may even start favouring me. If I am able to gain all their attention, I will have a high chance to make it big."

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