Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 13 Woes Fall on Another

Shi Qian Shan was somewhat worried that his words might have appeared too pompous. While he was trying to exhibit his aggressiveness to seek the attention of Wu Qian Qian, he was oblivious that she was actually glaring at him. In her mind, she was wondering if there was anything wrong in Shi Qian Shan. The complication could clearly be prevented. Why would he exacerbate the entire situation with such extreme words?

"Does he truly think that Li Jian Yin is someone who can be meddled with? Not to mention that his father was the Master of Locking Clouds Peak, the second most powerful person in the Martial World, his father is also my second Uncle. In Beyond the Heavens Sect, besides the elders, he is second only to my father!"

"Even your uncle Junior Uncle Meng, is only ranked ten…"

After listening to Shi Qian Shan's words, a menacing smile appeared on Li Jian Yin's bloody face, "Shi Qian Shan, do you really mean what you said?"

"Nonsense!" Shi Qian Shan snapped arrogantly. "Since Chu Yang is a junior disciple of the sect, he is also considered my junior brother! I don't care who you are. If you wish to provoke my Junior Brother, you will have to go through me."

Internally, Chu Yang thought to himself. "Well said! Shi Qian Shan, you are talented indeed!" However, Chu Yang continued to put on his show, saying emotionally, "Senior Brother, I am so sorry I have caused trouble for you…"

By executing such a move, Chu Yang had completely severed all means of retreat for Shi Qian Shan. There was absolutely no chance of turning around and taking back of his words.

Having his ego pumped up, Shi Qian Shan waved off Chu Yang and said, "What are you talking about, Junior Brother Chu? We are brothers! There's no need for such formalities."

Shi Qian Shan acted somewhat offended as if Chu Yang was depriving him his ownership of this matter and looking down on him…

Tan Tan, who had been watching the entire commotion, also did not understand Chu Yang's schemes. He was so emotional that he almost broke out in tears. With wet eyes, he said, "Senior Brother, you are so kind…"

"Tan Tan, you have always treated me likewise. You are my Junior Brother. As your Senior Brother, it is only right for me to come to your aid no matter what happens to you!" Shi Qian Shan assured Tan Tan warmly. "I am your most Senior Brother! It is my duty to protect you from harm. After all, we are brothers who have been through thick and thin and shared many experiences together."

"Here stands a man who values honour, shows love and exhibits true courage! Can there even be any woman under the heavens who will not fall for a man like this? Wu Qian Qian, you are no exception!"

Shi Qian Shan was confident and full of himself. While he looked mostly serious, he threw furtive glances at Wu Qian Qian occasionally. He was extremely satisfied and pleased with himself.

All of a sudden, Chu Yang yelled so loudly as though the sky was about to fall, "Great! With Senior Brother here, who would ever dare look down on us again? Our Senior Brother is the best among all disciples at Beyond the Heavens Sect!"

"Junior Brother Chu, shut up!" Shi Qian Shan frowned and said suddenly. He then continued humbly, "Junior Brother Chu, do not revere me blindly. Words cannot be spoken with such ignorance. You need to understand that misfortune stems from the mouth. Who am I to deserve the title of being the best disciple? Junior Sister Wu, is more capable than me…"

Although Shi Qian Shan seemed humble and calm when speaking to Chu Yang, he was so elated that he felt like he was on cloud nine.

"To be honest, I have really spent my time well teaching these two Juniors. They have boosted my image at such a critical juncture. Describing me as 'best among all disciples' have only proved Chu Yang's blind reverence for me and implied my strong capabilities!"

"Furthermore, my well-timed flattery for Junior Sister Wu has successfully entertained this stunning beauty and shown my heroic demeanour."

Shi Qian Shan could almost imagine that Wu Qian Qian beginning to fall for him. While Shi Qian Shan was lost in his own world, he did not realize Wu Qian Qian kneeling down to attend to Li Jian Yin's wounds. She appeared increasingly annoyed with Shi Qian Shan.

"This situation has been blown out of proportion! I must return quickly and tell father and the elders about it so that they can teach these people a lesson. Ohh! This is all Shi Qian Shan's fault! He knew nothing yet he tried to be a hero. This is so exasperating! Because of Li Jian Yin's strong hatred, he will certainly exaggerate their misdeeds when he gets back. By then, there will be rising discord between Purple Bamboo Garden and Locking Clouds Peak…"

"They say that Junior Li is a perfectionist who does not like to reveal his flaws. How could he tolerate getting beaten up by others like this? Sigh…"

If there was only Chu Yang involved, Junior Uncle Meng would only have to reprimand him to protect the image of Junior Uncle Li. Everything could have been settled easily. However, who would have expected the arrival of Shi Qian Shan, who aggravated the entire situation and rendered it irreconcilable. Although Chu Yang was the cause of the whole incident, it was actually not a big deal. However, things took a turn for the worse when Shi Qian Shan decided to jump in and impress Wu Qian Qian… At this point in time, Li Jian Yin probably hated Shi Qian Shan more than Chu Yang…"You think you're quick-witted and smart? This entire incident is none of your business in the first place! Who gave you the rights to intervene?"

"Huff… puff… huff… puff… huff…" Li Jian Yin was still recovering from shortness of breath. However, a smile had already appeared on his face. "Shi Qian Shan, remember all that you have said today!"

"Senior Sister, let's go!" Li Jian Yin was resilient. To everyone's surprise, he was already standing on the ground with one leg. He glared virulently at Shi Qian Shan and left angrily.

Surprisingly, he did not even glance at Chu Yang!

After all, Li Jian Yin had believed that it was his own mistake in the first place. Chu Yang had not been responsible for his injury since he stepped into the hole and broke his own leg out of his own carelessness.

Thinking about this event would be of no use. The best thing that I can do is to settle the dispute with Chu Yang secretly later on. However, Shi Qian Shan is unforgivable. If I don't kill him, my name is no longer Li…"

The incidents had made Wu Qian Qian a little confused. The person at fault now held no accusation while the innocent passerby now carried the greatest responsibility. Furthermore, this burden was not small…

"I may still need Senior Brother Shi's help to send a message to Junior Uncle Meng. Father wishes to invite him to attend the Gathering Clouds Peak." Wu Qian Qian suddenly remembered. Realizing that she might not have much time left to fulfil the task, Wu Qian Qian immediately bade farewell and took her leave.

"Junior Sister Wu is too courteous. Our master is currently training in the inner hall. If he comes out, we will certainly convey the message to you." Shi Qian Shan bowed and said gallantly, "Junior Sister is small in size. It will be tough for you to carry Junior Brother Li back. Perhaps… Tan Tan, please go ahead and assist Junior Brother Li back home. Do ensure he returns to the Locking Clouds Peak safely!"

"Yes, Senior Brother!" Tan Tan obeyed.

Shortly after, Wu Qian Qian bade goodbye to Shi Qian Shan and Chu Yang. She thanked Shi Qian Shan quickly and turned to leave, never to look back for a single moment at all. Little did she expect that speaking to Shi Qian Shan felt so much like talking to a dead person.

Shi Qian Shan watched as the silhouette of the three people disappeared at the corner of the road and could not help but smile pleasingly. "I have definitely left a deep impression on Wu Qian Qian today!"

Chu Yang gave an expression that suggested nothing seemed unusual at all. But out of the corner of his eyes, a mischievous look flashed past. "You have certainly left an impression on her, but this impression may not be what you expected…"

"I am very grateful towards Senior Brother for your assistance today," Chu Yang thanked Shi Qian Shan sincerely. "If not for you, things are bound to go, unfortunately."

"It was the only thing I can do," Shi Qian Shan reassured him. "But Junior Brother Chu, who was that person just now? Do you know him?"

Chu Yang said, "I don't know him either."

"It took you long enough to remember asking for his name, didn't it? I only know he is Li Jian Yin, the only son of Second Senior Uncle Li Jinsong, one of the spoiled princes of the Beyond the Heavens Sect. But I'm not going to reveal that ģto you!"

"Well, it's okay then. His name is not very important anyway" Shi Qian Shan replied scornfully. He sounded so confident that he seemed to be up for the challenge even if Mount Tai were to collapse. "His strength was ordinary. He is certainly not someone of importance. We don't have to worry about him. Even if he wants revenge, somebody like him would not be able to inflict any harm on us. Furthermore, other disciples will never let this rascal meddle with me. Junior Brother Chu, you can relax for now."

Chu Yang smiled and thanked him profusely.

It was not until the late afternoon when Tan Tan returned from his errand. He was covered in dust, and he appeared anxious and apprehensive. Shi Qian Shan was still humming a little tune and practising his sword techniques in the yard when Tan Tan returned. He was fantasising about romantic moments with each stroke, moving gently and gracefully.

Chu Yang was sitting cross-legged in his room, attempting to make use of this time to improve his cultivation. With greater power, comes greater clout! Chu Yang would certainly not waste any precious moments that he could use for cultivation.

Tan Tan had rushed back to break a certain news. Drenched in sweat, he headed straight for Shi Qian Shan and spoke a few words with him. The next moment, Chu Yang heard a loud 'clang' as Shi Qian Shan dropped the sword. Immediately after that, there was a 'plop'. Shi Qian Shan had fallen to the ground. His face was as pale as a sheet, as though all blood had been drained from it.

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