Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 18 Mysterious Origins!

"I did not do anything as it was Shi Qian's ability and also because the both of you were stupid. It would have been pointless to explain to you." Meng Chao Ran casually continued. "He is full of schemes and lies while his words are honey-coated. Although lowly and despicable, such is also an ability. Moreover, it is also necessary in the Martial World. Shi Qian Shan has been bolder since being discovered by you."

After a while, Meng Chao Ran said, "Shi Qian Shan is not skilful enough in deception."

Chu Yang walked silently behind him for a moment, then said with a soft voice, "I understand."

Walking slowly while not turning back, Meng Chao Ran continued speaking in his emotionless voice, "If you had not discovered it, I would have still condoned Shi Qian Shan's actions until he stopped needing me. This is the Martial World even if only three of you are involved! Whether you live or die is your business. You choose!"

As he said the words "Whether you live or die is your business," his face was emotionless. Except, his voice was heavier with a burdened heart.

His words were heartless, but it made Chu Yang sigh deeply. The master was only there to guide them; in the end, they had to decide their road ahead.

At this moment, Meng Chao Ran might have seemed heartless, but the truth was that he had truly wanted his disciples to experience the Martial World, even if it was a little too late. However, his disciples would still be a step ahead of disciples from other places.

Experiencing it themselves was totally different from learning it. Though this was a little cruel, they would need to experience it eventually. Slightly earlier and they would have more control over their own lives!

This understanding of the master's dilemma came from Chu Yang's previous life after the sect fell.

"If you two continue to be fools after leaving the sect, it would not take long for you to die at the hands of others. And if that were to be, I would not expect anything from you two. Do not think I am heartless, it is just that the Beyond the Heavens Sect does not need fools but heroes."

"Shi Qian Shan is cunning and cruel. He is an evil person." As Meng Chao Ran stopped, Chu Yang realised that they had reached the face of the cliff behind the mountain. Afterwards, Meng Chao Ran said, "Shi Qian Shan gets the job done. He is very capable, hence the reason why I leave him be. I used him to control the two of you. Before, the two of you seemed very normal. Your concerns were trivial and innocent. The less significant the achievement, the higher the chance of survival. Even though you were looked down on, you at least had a chance at survival."

"My biggest priority is my disciples' lives. Regarding what path you choose, I will not interfere. Everything is decided by the heavens. If you did not suddenly uncover his schemes, I would not have spoken to you. Perhaps I may not be a qualified teacher yet, but since Shi Qian Shan started to trick you and you were even being grateful towards him, I chose your path for you."

He turned around and stared deeply into Chu Yang's eyes. "Until that day, the day where you started questioning me."

"I understand!"

Although Meng Chao Ran's words were harsh and indifferent, Chu Yang was extremely grateful. If he and Tan Tan had naively exposed Shi Qian Shan, then their lives would have become much harder.

"These past few days, though I claimed that I would be conducting private training, I was secretly keeping tabs on all of you." Meng Chao Ran laughed loudly. "It was at this moment that I realised that I, Meng Chao Ran, have once again made an erroneous judgement. You, Chu Yang, have truly surprised me. My initial judgement of you has changed!"

Chu Yang felt extremely embarrassed. Not only did he deceive his master, but in his previous life, he was so foolish...

"There is one thing I do not comprehend; my master had said 'have once again made an erroneous judgement,' these words seemed to hide a deeper meaning. Perhaps he had made a similar mistake once before."

"At most, only your personality has to change," Meng Chao Ran thought for a moment and said gravely, "For people in the Martial World, bloodshed is inevitable. But during our talk today, your killing aura was too strong. You are more hardworking now. I am afraid that it is only a matter of time for your achievements to surpass my own. The reason I worry… If you found the parents who abandoned you… that is why I am having this conversation with you today."

"Ha, ha!" Chu Yang smiled coldly. His eyes revealed a deep hatred. As a person of two worlds, this was the thing that haunted him the most. Chu Yang was an orphan, an abandoned child! When Meng Chao Ran found him, he was a baby still wrapped in diapers amidst a harsh winter. He was left in front of a deserted temple. After Chu Yang found out about this, his heart was filled with a deep sorrow.

"If you gave birth to me, why did you abandon me? Even if I am brought into a poor family, you could have helped me stay alive. But instead, you threw me at the door of a deserted temple on a cold winter night!"

"Even being left in a deserted temple would be better than being left outside, right? At least I could have a few more breaths. They definitely wanted me dead, but could not bear to kill a newborn baby. Hence they chose to deceive themselves through this way. A child yet to reach a year old… If a generous individual did not pass by, wouldn't death be the only possibility? How could there exist such heartless parents?"

Seeing hatred on Chu Yang's face, Meng Chao Ran sighed, "Master will give you three pieces of advice. You have to keep them in your heart. Firstly, you are still living without your parents. Secondly, there are no parents without love for their offspring under the heavens! Thirdly, under the natural laws of the heavens, your parents have given you life."

"Master is right," Chu Yang said in a calm manner.

Meng Chao Ran sighed inside, knowing that Chu Yang did not mean what he said. He worried that Chu Yang could not resolve the grievances in his heart. It was easy to notice as he said 'Master is right' instead of 'Disciple will remember'.

It was hard to fault Chu Yang for his hatred. Amongst the 800 disciples of the Beyond the Heavens Sect, the number of orphans was a significant amount. However, their circumstances were due to their parents' deaths. Those who were abandoned by their parents included only two: Chu Yang and Tan Tan.

The feeling of being abandoned, more so by his own biological parents, was extremely painful. Over time, that pain developed and deeply entrenched itself in his heart. Finally, it became a bitter hatred.

Furthermore, Chu Yang was very prideful!

Chu Yang's eccentric character surfaced after his understanding in the ways of life. Since knowing of his origins, he always remained stoic and talked less; gradually he changed into the person he is now.

The hatred had increased gradually inside him for 16 years.

Meng Chao Ran sighed looking sadly at his disciple. From Chu Yang's calm expression, Meng Chao Ran could feel a large and deep rage mixed with grief. He was only afraid that once that rage started to burn, Chu Yang himself would be burnt too.

Meng Chao Ran only knew that Chu Yang's rage had been gradually increasing for 16 years. However, he did not know that this rage was not only for 16 years but instead from two lifetimes...

"You have already learnt all the sect teachings. Sword arts, martial arts, sabre arts. Except for some Beyond the Heavens Sect principles, you have learnt all."

Meng Chao Ran deepened his voice and said, "In the future, you will be responsible for yourself. The remaining principles of the sect can only be taught to the top ten disciples. Everything… is up to you."

"Yes," Chu Yang nodded.

The place they were at was on the top of a mountain. Suddenly a beam of light came from the east. It was the sun rising from the horizon.

Meng Chao Ran squinted his eyes, looking towards the east. His eyes seemed as if they were dyed with the array of colours of the spectrum, giving off an indescribable light that gradually focused into a dazzling light.

The sky was brightly coloured.

Chu Yang suddenly felt that Master Meng Chao Ran's silhouette was very miserable and lonely.

The sun was starting to appear, its rays were penetrating through the clouds and shining upon Meng Chao Ran, making a very long shadow in the centre of the mountain.

After a long pause, Meng Chao Ran said with a deep tone, "Chu Yang, you were the first child I discovered. When I held you in the stormy winter night, I suddenly realized that there would be a disaster for mankind. That moment, I thought...I should discard you immediately! I did not want to be related to this calamity for mankind…"

Chu Yang could not stop himself from trembling. He sharply lifted his head, staring at his master's back. His mouth moved, but he could not say anything.

"But there was a thing that changed my mind." With his back facing Chu Yang, Meng Chao Ran reached out his arm, his fist slowly unwrapping to reveal a small jade pendant the size of a finger.

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