Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 22 Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique

After Qu Ping raised the question, the youths behind roared with laughter. Everyone knew that the top ten positions of Beyond the Heavens Sect disciples were held by the Nine Peaks. Even the eldest disciple of Purple Bamboo Garden, Shi Qian Shan, was ranked 13th. Moreover, the other two positions above him were also held by disciples from Nine Peaks.

It seemed as though their ranks had been swapped. Chu Yang and Tan Tan, ordinary disciples, were now confronting with Qu Ping, one of the top twenty disciples. The difference in ranking between them was immense; this was indeed a case of a cat licking a tiger's nose… a death wish!

Chu Yang simply laughed, it was a very ordinary laugh, but extremely cold.

Although it was summer and the weather was hot; but Chu Yang's laughter was like an icy wind, blown from the peaks of snowy mountains, chilling everyone to the bone.

Chu Yang gazed disdainfully as he spoke slowly in a stern voice, "Purple Bamboo Garden's honor is not for the likes of you to desecrate. However, the traditional rules of Beyond the Heavens Sect are not for you to break. Qu Ping, today, you will help me set the rules!"

Sooner or later, I would have to trample on others in order to become the top disciple! If so, let it begin today!

Today's battle will be my first battle to rise up to the pinnacle of the Beyond the Heavens Sect!

I, Chu Yang, in my past life and now, have always stood in front of the wind, the peak of the waves; always ready to rise up to fighters' challenges. Despite being the lowest rank after my resurrection, I still have my dignity and courage. Being at the pinnacle of one's field means to be constantly challenged by others.

A third-grade martial pupil with poor cultivation going against a second-grade martial warrior. To establish his reputation? This was truly a joke. The people behind Qu Ping immediately laughed, their eyes glared at Chu Yang as if looking at a stupid fool.

"Fool, you want to establish your reputation? You want to use Elder Martial Brother Qu as a stepping stone? Are you even thinking straight?"

"This punk is crazy…"

"Junior Martial Brother Qu, in that case, why don't you have a match with Chu Yang?" Liu Yun Yan, the team leader who was in no hurry to make a move, stared at Chu Yang as he spoke slowly, "Do not underestimate the enemy."

His cultivation was higher than Qu Ping and his senses were also much sharper. When Chu Yang first stepped out, he talked peacefully so Liu Yun Yan would not feel anything. But now, Chu Yang's whole aura had changed. Liu Yun Yan felt a sudden surge of cold and heavy pressure.

Just earlier, Liu Yun Yan looked down on him; now, he felt like a snowflake amidst the hot sun, about to vaporize at any moment without a trace. At this moment, when he saw Chu Yang's keen eyes, he became slightly frightened. As the words 'do not underestimate the enemy' left Liu Yun Yan's mouth, the laughter suddenly ceased.

This showed that Liu Yun Yan wasn't optimistic about the match between Qu Ping and Chu Yang. Liu Yun Yan was a prominent character amongst the top ten. Even though he was ranked tenth, his strength was not ordinary, he was a fourth-grade martial warrior. A person of his caliber would naturally be able to distinguish the level of strength of an individual!

Despite Qu Ping being only a second-grade martial warrior, compared to a third-grade martial pupil like Chu Yang, the difference was as vast as heaven and earth.

Martial warrior versus martial pupil, clearly expert versus novice…

Was there really anything to worry about in this battle?

Chu Yang calmly smiled. He took one step forward and said, "Come at me, Qu Ping."

With a deafening roar, Qu Ping leaped towards Chu Yang! His movement was as agile as a leopard's. However, seeing that Chu Yang did not draw his weapon, he naturally did the same.

Chu Yang was preparing to move when something flashed before his eyes. At that moment, he suddenly felt a peculiar presence over him, as though someone or something was watching his every movement from the shadows.

This was a superior spiritual sense that he cultivated in his previous life. This spiritual sense had helped him escape mortal danger countless times. Today, this sense suddenly arose.

Except, he did not feel any killing aura from the people in the shadows. It seemed that they bore no ill will…

Chu Yang could, in part, guess as to who were these people hiding in the shadows. Chu Yang thought, If God has given me such a good opportunity, let me give these people some excitement and fear.

He maintained his facial expression and focused on the fight, only doing what was necessary to counter Qu Ping's movements. His actions seemed very ordinary, but to the eyes of the spectators, there was something unfathomable about it. Chu Yang's upper body remained unmoved, but it looked as if he thought he was pressuring forward. Whereas Qu Ping discovered that even as he was moving forward, he could not even touch the hem of Chu Yang's clothes.

However, In the eyes of everyone present, he was actually it was clear that Chu Yang was moving offensively forward, but he was actually moving backward!

At first glance, he seemed to be an offensive state, but his action was actually that of avoidance!

The bottom half of his body continued to maintain the stance of moving forward quickly with flexible movements…

This preposterous phenomenon altered everyone's perceptions.

In the bamboo forest, as Meng Chao Ran witnessed the fight, his jaw dropped. He was just about to cry out loud when he came to his senses and shut his mouth. However, he did with so much force that his teeth slammed together making a loud 'clack' sound. Leaving Meng Chao Ran with some terrible cheek pain...

However, Meng Chao Ran was still not completely calm yet; his eyes were wide open in shock. Terror filled him as he witnessed Chu Yang's fluid movements, as smooth and as flexible as liquid itself.

At the same time, two other sounds in other parts of the forest reverberated, echoed causing the entire atmosphere around them to feel as though they were caught in a vacuum.

The three martial artists were awestruck and their eyes were filled with excitement and joy as they witnessed Chu Yang's dodging movements.

Snow gathers in the cloud,

shocking to the heavens,

as if forward, as if backward,

as if there, as if gone!

This technique was familiar to everyone in the sect. It was the Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique of Beyond the Heavens Sect! Disciples of every generation have practiced it, and everyone knew it. Even the lowest of servants could do a few steps.

However, there has never been anyone who could employ this technique and as well and effectively as Chu Yang did.

Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique was created by the founder of Beyond the Heavens Sect. That year, the patriarch went up the peak of a mountain to relax and soak in the warm sun in the winter. As he was laying there, he noticed a white cloud floating in the middle of the sky. The color of the snow on the ground seemed to shoot up into the air as the sunlight shone upon it.

The light from the snow mixed with the color of the cloud created a mystical effect. Despite there being no wind, the cloud looked as if it was floating forward, but also floating backward. Sometimes appearing as though it was dispersing, while at other times looked as though it was gathering. Essentially, it felt almost impossible to decipher the direction and in which way the cloud was moving.

The founder had an epiphany. After two years of burying himself in his thoughts, he created the technique and named it Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique as a reminder of the day that heaven and earth gave him that inspiration.

Ever since then, this technique has been used extensively throughout the world. When the patriarch used in combination with sword techniques, he never ended up in defeat. Even when facing enemies of a higher power than him, he could not be injured.

Unfortunately, the later generations could never fully learn Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique despite their efforts. Even in combination with internal qi and intensive cultivation, they were unable to achieve the same results as the founder.

They couldn't use it to attack the enemy, nor use it to protect themselves.

Hence, it became the most useless technique of the sect.

Nevertheless, although cultivating it was useless, abandoning it also seemed wasteful.

Everyone thought the founder was mistaken or did not leave the real technique behind. This thus became the greatest regret of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

Unexpectedly, a few hundred years later, the mystery of this technique has once again manifested itself through Chu Yang.

How was he able to use it like that?

In spite of Qu Ping's efforts, he could not even touch Chu Yang's clothes. The more he tried to attack, the more unnerved he became. He was a second-grade martial warrior. How could he be unable to beat a third-grade martial pupil? His martial brothers were watching and definitely could not afford to lose!

Qu Ping began to pant more and more heavily. He decided to pull out his sword, but before his hand touched the sword, a shadow flashed and Chu Yang suddenly appeared in front of him. Qu Ping was horrified. Before he could dodge, there was a 'pow'. He was hit right in the nose!

His nose immediately began to bleed; he was in such pain that tears and snot streamed down on his face.

"Be good, don't cry. This is for your own good." Chu Yang said in an appealing manner, but there was no emotion in it.

His movements were like a fish in water -unpredictable. Soon after, there were two sounds 'bam''bam' as he hit the sides of Qu Ping's left and right eye. Suddenly, there was a newly made panda.

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