Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 25 This Disciple Is Amazing

Seeing Chu Yang suddenly become serious like that, Tan Tan nodded his head repeatedly, despite being a little confused.

Chu Yang smiled as he and Tan Tan carried Shi Qian Shan in. Shi Qian Shan was still unconscious, so he had no idea what happened. He would never have guessed that after today's fight, he would become famous amongst the disciples of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

After returning, Liu Yun Yan's group immediately begun spreading the news far and wide: Shi Qian Shan was a hidden talent and was the number one opponent for all the top disciples.

Chu Yang was only his junior martial brother and yet he was able to beat Qu Ping! It was only natural to assume, how much more monstrous the elder martial brother, Shi Qian Shan was! Only by looking at Qu Ping's injuries was enough for the disciples of the nine peaks to put Shi Qian Shan in the rankings of dangerous characters.

In his comatose state, Shi Qian Shan couldn't have imagined that he had unintentionally become a major character in Beyond the Heavens Sect. The future truly is truly unpredictable; a person gains fame from current events, and there's simply no way to know ahead of time…

Chu Yang's keen spiritual sense detected the people watching his fight from within the bamboo forest. Even though he did not know who they were, he was able to sense that they were high ranking members of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

That was why Chu Yang said those confusing lines to Tan Tan; even though he had really intended to give Tan Tan advice, it was mainly aimed at those three people hiding in the forest observing.

If Beyond the Heavens Sect was to depend on those useless people, then it will never grow. Only I, Chu Yang, can take care of it and make sure that it prospers.

If he wanted to achieve the top disciple position and enter into Seven Shades Congregation Grounds to acquire the Nine Tribulations Sword fragment, then his every word and action had to be noticed by those high ranking individuals.

Otherwise, he would have to wait for four years, when Beyond the Heavens Sect is being destroyed, to get the sword fragment. But by then, what would be the point?

If he openly got the attention of high ranking members of Beyond the Heavens Sect, then he would become a core member of the sect. At that time, he would only need to announce, "Leave all of the burdens of Beyond the Heavens Sect to me!"

Arrogance! Let's give it a shot, and see how that turns out.

A long time after Chu Yang and Tan Tan had gone, there was movement in the bamboo forest. Within the endless purple of the bamboo, three silhouettes suddenly appeared. All three had a thoughtful look on their faces. Chu Yang's last few words seemed to have had it's intended effect.

Meng Chao Ran moved and immediately appeared next to the other two without making a sound. He said with a smile, "Eldest Martial Brother, Seventh Martial Brother, your visit to Purple Bamboo Garden gave me a shock."

The two were Sect Master of Beyond the Heavens Sect, Wu Yun Liang and Master of Dream Clouds Peak, Kong Jing Feng. However, at this time, Kong Jing Feng's face was pale and white. There was a hole in his pants where the sound of wind could be heard blowing through, making the Master of Dream Clouds Peak hold his legs together in embarrassment. His position had a strange appearance…

"We should be the ones who are frightened!" Wu Yun Liang said. "Junior Martial Brother, just you being secretive is not a problem. But why did you train such a perfect disciple and not say anything? Just now, we were almost endangered by your disciple!"

Kong Jing Feng nodded repeatedly, in agreement with Wu Yun Liang. "Especially me, I was so scared that little Jing Feng almost shriveled up."

These words truly carried some dark thoughts.

Chu Yang's performance, regardless of whichever technique you looked at, was enough for the two high ranking experts from Beyond the Heavens Sect to be surprised and even shocked!

There was the ephemeral Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique, there was the frightening Five Point Flower Backhand Sword Technique. In addition, Chu Yang displayed incredible mental clarity and the ability to seize openings in the opponent when it presents itself. All of these factors caused these two very important characters of Beyond the Heavens Sect extremely surprised.

The two thought to themselves that if they had the same martial power as Chu Yang, in today's situation, they would not have been able to act so high-handedly and dominate as Chu Yang did.

This disciple of Meng Chao Ran was definitely skilled!

With a sad smile, Meng Chao Ran said, "You almost fell over in amazement. As for me, my jaw almost fell to the ground. Elder Martial Brother, look at my eyes, see how they are still red? I could not believe that my disciple could be so monstrous…."

As he said this a slight hint of annoyance appeared on his face…

Wu Yun Liang and Kong Jing Feng were smiling since earlier. But suddenly Kong Jing Feng became shocked. He realized the meaning behind Meng Chao Ran's words. "You are saying… it is possible that kid's martial arts were not taught by you?"

Meng Chao Ran's eyes shifted; he didn't want to admit the truth, but ultimately, he sighed in resignment, "Even though I did teach him, but even I…"

The two others at this moment were so astonished that their hairs stood on end. If the teacher who taught the technique did not manage complete cultivation; when the disciple was successful, there could only be one explanation: heavenly endowment! Heavenly endowment is talent which stood second to none!

Wu Yun Liang originally thought that Meng Chao Ran had mastered the cultivation of Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique and was inwardly filled with joy. However, after hearing Meng Chao Ran said, he was momentarily dazed. After a long time, he said with a contorted smile, "Then that Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique was due to…"

Meng Chao Ran nodded resolutely. "I, myself, did not successfully cultivate…"

Both Wu Yun Liang and Kong Jing Feng were bewildered!

"Could it be that he cultivated it by himself?" Wu Yun Liang said as he twirled his beard in agitation.

"I, too, do not know," Meng Chao Ran sighed and continued, "My disciple is extremely clever. It is possible that he cultivated it himself!"

The other two were dumbfounded. Meng Chao Ran relaxed his arms and shrugged. The action seemed to say "I give up, I really don't know!"

The three of them were normally very serious in front of the disciples, but when they were alone, they were very relaxed.

"Regardless of how he managed to cultivate the techniques so superbly, within your three disciples…" Wu Yun Liang mused for a while, then said, "There appears to be a talent…"

As he spoke, he laughed loudly. "With his cultivation, he absolutely would not have been able to notice that we were observing him in secret. But his last few statements were clearly a message to us. I am going crazy because of this…"

"A heavenly talent was born, a person with a terrible character exposed!" Meng Chao Ran said these words disgusted at Shi Quan Shan's deceitfulness.

It was not that he lacked care for Shi Qian Shan, he just did not approve of his methods. Meng Chao Ran was very disappointed in him. To openly triumph over the enemy was the way to rise above others in Jiang Hu. Although plots and schemes would also work, the intention behind his actions would be entirely different.

It was still possible that Shi Qian Shan could traverse Jiang Hu by scheming. Today it was clear that Shi Qian Shan could fight, but he chose to get beaten up, refusing to retaliate! That made Meng Chao Ran lose whatever little hope was left in him.

Heroes can be patient, but they will never become powerful if they act cowardly!

"Useless? You're talking about Shi Qian Shan?" In Wu Yun Liang's eyes, there was a distant coldness. It seemed that Shi Qian Shan had left a bad impression on the Master of Beyond the Heavens Sect.

Meng Chao Ran lamented.

"The Nine Peaks and One Garden of our Beyond the Heavens Sect has almost 800 disciples. Every master has a few disciples like that. Junior Martial Brother, do not let this weigh you down! Genius or useless, we will all eventually turn into a pile of dry bones! He's not really that special!" With a deep look, Wu Yun Liang spoke slowly. "Amongst your disciples, Chu Yang is more than enough to compensate for all previous regrets. This kid, Chu Yang, had methods that were cruel and decisive, not only that but his thinking was thorough as well. His words, bold and rational. Moreover, he had a breakthrough in cultivation. Truly a rare talent, not simple at all…"

Kong Jing Feng also nodded in agreement. Today, these two had come to observe. The first purpose was to see what Li Jinsong's disciples would do. But more importantly, it was to look at the hole that made Li Jian Yin break his leg. Lastly, it was to see if Beyond the Heavens Sect had a genius with a superior mind and ability, the one they were searching for all along.

After hearing Wu Qian Qian's report, the two had suspected that Chu Yang pretended to be wolf in sheep's clothing. Otherwise, how could there be such coincidences? The only thing was, they found it hard to believe that there was a disciple with such capabilities and experience in the eight generation.

Therefore they came to investigate!

However, today, after watching Chu Yang deal with Qu Ping, they immediately knew that there was no need to investigate. It was absolutely caused by him! This person called Chu Yang was unquestionably a force to be reckoned with.

The current state of Beyond the Heavens Sect, can be summed up as internal troubles and external aggression. They really needed talents, especially amongst the youth. That was why Wu Yun Liang regarded Chu Yang with such great importance. This respect was what Chu Yang had desired and intended to attain through his actions!

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