Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 27 Crown Prince Bu Tian

"Junior Martial Brother, you are only looking at the benefit, but you neglect to see the risks. The sect is not yet completely taken care of; furthermore are too many spies. Sharing the secrets would mean that we would not be the only ones who capable of cultivating it. Furthermore, this skill would become a great advantage for our enemies." Wu Yun Liang said casually. "Therefore before everything is finished, we must absolutely never disclose this to the anyone on the outside. Moreover, you must prepare a good technique for him to use to divert the enemy…"

"Yes." Meng Chao Ran nodded in understanding. When he said those words, it proved that the current situation of Beyond the Heavens Sect was extremely critical. It also demonstrated that his previous speculation was a bit too optimistic.

Used to divert, divert who?

Currently, no one from the outside even knew about it. Only a few of Second Elder Martial Brother's disciples knew, yet he still wanted to divert the attention away.


"Also, Chu Yang's Seven Shades Absolute Saint Palm… how did he cultivate the cold qi? This is extremely strange. But still, don't bother him about it." Wu Yun Liang said thinking. "Let's wait until his cultivation reaches a higher level. After which, we will allow him to enter the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds and increase his cultivation further!"

"This disciple of mine, even though his talent is as high as the heavens, yet currently his martial strength is still very weak. We should not utilise him just yet. I need to evaluate everything first." Meng Chao Ran replied as if still in thought.

"Junior Martial Brother Meng, I had previously planned that your disciple Shi Qian Shan would be a suitable choice with his thorough planning. But now it seems Shi Qian Shan cannot be used. However, Chu Yang…" Wu Yun Liang smiled. "We could use him."

"Use?" Meng Chao Ran's eyebrow rose. His gaze became sharp.

"Currently, we do not have any resources inside Iron Cloud Nation. Our sect needs to have someone to secretly our set roots." Wu Yun Liang said quietly. "After Chu Yang's performance today, there is no doubt that he is an appropriate choice. How about we send him as a delegate?"

Meng Chao Ran was astonished and did not speak for a long time. Eventually, he said, "There is no doubt that this is a good opportunity. But it is also a dangerous road. Countries like Iron Cloud have countless martial experts. Once discovered, we would be flooded with disaster. Chu Yang is still far too young! I hope Eldest Martial Brother will rethink this decision carefully…"

"How could you become a talent without weathering through a storm?" Wu Yun Liang said. "Always living at the boundary between life and death and struggling in extreme danger, that's how you become someone who is able to bask in the realm of mountains and clouds. Furthermore, I can guarantee you, other disciples might be exposed, but Chu Yang will certainly not!"

When he finished talking, he glanced at Kong Jing Feng. The two bid Meng Chao Ran goodbye and left.

As the two silhouettes disappeared from sight, Meng Chao Ran stood sadly in front of Purple Bamboo Garden. At a glance, his countenance seemed rather somber.

Meng Chao Ran sighed. He muttered, "Eldest Martial Brother, there are some things… that cannot be achieved with the strength of a sect like ours. Two countries in conflict, our Beyond the Heavens Sect is just so small in the grand scheme of things… what can we really do? We were forced to take risks, but placing all hope in a single basket is simply unthinkable… Just one mistake countless casualties will result perhaps lives will be lost… Too much planning and things will fall apart… Beyond the Heavens Sect is currently in no condition to take such a large gamble…"

Meng Chao Ran had an uneasy feeling as if the whole world was being lifted into a huge vortex with Beyond the Heavens Sect right in the center waiting to be destroyed at any moment…

This vortex was in fact actually fueled time and time again by Beyond the Heavens Sect itself. Even going as far as using its full force to help it…

The Lower Three Heavens stretched for trillions of miles. At its center, there were three countries. Going further out, you would be away from all the fighting.

Among these three countries, the Great State of Zhao truly lived up to its name. It had the largest territory. Its nation's strength was tremendous, its people prosperous. It was also taking steps to expand its border on all sides with dreams of uniting all under the heavens. The two other countries were Iron Cloud Nation and Limitless Nation. These two countries, despite having powerful forces, were much weaker as compared to the Great State of Zhao. They were also considered as prey coveted by the Great State of Zhao.

Recently, boundary struggles broke out at the borders of the three countries. At this point, in the capital of Iron Cloud Nation, Iron Cloud City, appeared were four fatigued riders at the city gate. One middle-aged person, two young men and a young woman wearing a black silk mask. On their bodies, there were blood stains. They looked at each other and the middle-aged person exhaled a long sigh and said, "We are finally here. Qian Qian, are you okay?"

He spoke as if a heavy burden had just been lifted off his chest.

"I am fine." Said Wu Qian Qian, her voice exposing her weariness. "We were attacked more often this time. I don't understand what happened. Our whereabouts are being kept secret. Something is definitely amiss."

This middle-aged man was the head of the ninth peak of Beyond the Heavens Sect, Stepping on the Clouds Peak, Bao Kuang Lei. Bao - a relatively rare surname which translated meant violence.

Bao Kuang Lei was a bold and honourable character comparable to Wu Yun Liang. Although he was careful in his work, he was not afraid to take risks. In addition, when he was extremely meticulous. The name Bao did not seem well suited to his character at all.

"Regardless, we're finally here." Wu Qian Qian smiled.

The four glanced at each other, sharing the same unspoken thoughts… There must be a spy within the sect! Moreover, the position of the spy was probably not low!

"Let's enter the city." Bao Kuang Lei carried a sad countenance, but it became immediately uplifted as he stretched out his arms.

The group entered into the city, turning left and right, here and there for quite a while before reaching a vast official looking building with a silver plaque on top. Three golden words were carved on it Thousand Autumns Manor. This building was the home of the royal prince of Iron Cloud Nation.

A servant announced, "The royal prince of Iron Cloud Nation lives here!"

After the announcement, the four adventures advanced into Thousand Autumns Manor. Under the guidance of a servant, they arrived at the main hall. In the middle of the hall was a luxurious throne. A youth had an aura like precious jade, as he wore a soft, yellow outfit, reading intently. His long brows reached up to his hairline. His face was like a pearl and upon his head of black hair, a crown sat prominently.

At a glance, this youth looked a little thin, weak and perhaps even timid to others… But if you looked closely at the effortless way he was holding his book, then you would notice that there was an extreme stability to the pose that he held.

His face was gentle and calm, even effeminate to the point that it made people want to protect him… Once you approached this youth, there was a sense as if you were standing in front of the moon, so lofty and high beyond reach!

It seemed as if the power over all lives under the heavens were held in those steady thin hands!

After hearing the introduction by the servant, this youth placed his book down and slowly lifted his head to look at the four people. His face revealed a smile, like a spring breeze that dispels the winter snow, and spoke peacefully, "You have had to travel a long journey to be my guests. Please sit down."

Bao Kuang Lei immediately said, "Thank you, your highness." Then he and the three disciples sat down on the side.

This youth was the prince of Iron Cloud Nation – Tie Bu Tian.

In this moment, his eyes flashed over the four people. He suddenly smiled, his brows rose, and he said casually, "It seems you did not have a comfortable trip."

"You are correct. It was full of slaughter and danger." Bao Kuang Lei answered calmly. They were people of the sect and did not belong to the court; when speaking to the prince, they did not need to bow or conduct themselves ceremoniously. However, Xue Ye Meng and Qin Mu Shang were somewhat tense.

"Haha… it seems that someone had secretly taken action." Tie Bu Tian smiled blandly. His eyes, like his laughter that slowly trailed off, slowly narrowed. He put his palms together and said slowly, "Please rest assured that nothing like that will ever happen in Iron Cloud Nation!"

Even though his physique was thin and frail and he was not very tall, when he put his palms together, he stood up and his cold gaze swept the horizon with the aura of one who could command everything under heaven! It was as though, just by standing, everything would bow in reverence at his feet.

Bao Kuang Lei was shocked, he finally understood his eldest martial brother's decision. Just looking at the prince's aura when he stood up was enough to be certain that he was going to become a legendary hero!

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