Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 8 Golden Blood Roo

Despite Chu Yang being very well versed in the training and teachings of the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique, he was unable to cultivate and train using it.

This was because the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique had one major requirement – The sword. Having knowledge about the teachings was simply of no use because it required the individual to absorb the mystical energy from the sword in order to have the power and capability to practice the Nine Tribulations Transcending Nine Heavens Technique!

Moreover, each of the sword fragments had a different mystical energy.

If one were to practice the technique without the use of a sword fragment, it would result in a painful death resulting from the burning of the individual's internal energy.

Moreover, with Chu Yang's body at its current level, it simply did not meet the requirements to practice the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique. In order to do so, his body had to reach the Martial Warrior level with all of his meridian channels being opened and his qi going beyond the primary natural cycle into the higher natural cycle. Only after he had fulfilled all of the aforementioned requirements would he then be ready to practice the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique.

The sun began to rise along the horizon, signalling the approach of dawn. Chu Yang took a deep breath, slowly absorbing the energy. He stood still momentarily as he felt a warmth gathering within his body, rejuvenating himself.

He remained like that, squinting his eyes and gazing in the direction of the Gathering Clouds Peak, the location of the first fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword which laid quietly buried beneath the earth.

I must quickly acquire it!

He was struck with an epiphany and his eyes sparkled.

He looked for a while before averting his gaze. He scanned the area and after he ascertained that he was alone, he began to move slowly. He took extra care as he began to descend from the face of the cliff, his eyes scanning the ground in search of the Golden Blood Root which Shi Qian Shan had told him grew there.

Although the Golden Blood Root was not considered as an elixir of the supreme tier, it was not something that could be bought with money within the Three Higher Heavens Territory. This was because all of the big clans used this root in order to set the foundation for their descendants, helping them in their growth as martial users.

From birth, the children from these larger clans were fed with the Golden Blood Root. They utilised the energy from the child's mother which had yet to dissipate and a peak martial expert to help the child to absorb the full extent of the energy within the root. This child would thus have a greater chance of being able to progress and become a talented martial cultivator of great potential.

Furthermore, if this child worked extremely hard, he would be able to go far beyond what usual people who did not have the elixir would have. All this would be possible simply if the child consumed this particular elixir.

This was one of the reasons why the martial students from the more powerful clans learnt quicker – they always had the best cultivation resources at their disposal.

On this earth, there was no lack of heaven-sent talents! Talents were actually considered as those with more opportunities to succeed than other people!

However, there are a few things which are considered to be irrefutable. There are more people who would either die young or become unable to advance compared to those who are able to push forward and succeed.

Although I may not be as talented as others, I have the desire to change and to make myself more talented than those heaven-sent talents! I want to make it such that when those talents stand next to me, they can no longer consider themselves as talents.

Chu Yang scaled the wall slowly as his entire body clung to the surface of the smooth vertical cliff face. He took his time, steadily climbing.

He was able to do this with ease because of a technique he had acquired in his past life known as the Unholy Movement which he found on a body of a martial artist whom he killed. He decided to practice it because he believed that he would eventually find himself in a situation that he would be able to utilise it.

Even though he had never used it before in his current life, he was still able to coerce his body into using it through his knowledge of the technique.

All of a sudden, a rustling sound could be heard from below followed by a gale of stale air. Chu Yang's eyebrows rose and his eyes widened as he clung to the rock face with all his might. His entire body laid flattened against the rock's surface as he tried to avoid being blown away.


A bright colourful poisonous snake slithered across his body!

If he had not moved earlier, he would have been bitten by the snake.

A smile appeared on Chu Yang's face. This place most definitely has the Golden Blood Root. Moreover, it was the type that is more than 100 years old!

This snake's body had several colours, its body as large as an arm, its head a singular colour. This snake was known as the Seven-Coloured Golden Radiance Snake. It was common for a Wild Golden Blood Root to have a Seven-Coloured Golden Radiance Snake protecting it. This was the reason Chu Yang was so sure of the fact that within the vicinity was the presence of the Golden Blood Root. This particular type of snake had extremely tough skin, able to protect it against the use of normal weapons. Moreover, its venom was extremely poisonous. Usually, for snakes, its weak spot would be 7 centimetres from its head. However, with a snake like this, this was not the case.

Its weak spot was actually the radiance on its head!

A Golden Blood Root of over a hundred years old would exude a very strong aroma. This aroma is especially attractive to the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake. In addition, this aroma could help the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake shed its skin without any pain or suffering!

Therefore the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake protected the Golden Blood Root for it was aroma which it enjoyed. To the Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake, consuming it did not benefit it whatsoever.

The sound began to start again. The Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake turned and aimed in the direction of Chu Yang before headed towards him. It began to beat its tail on the face of a boulder before launching itself through the air towards him in an attempt to bite him. Chu Yang's gaze narrowed and kept his body completely still. He bided his time waiting for it to be about a meter away before making his move. His body suddenly moved to the right before arching even higher, contorting his body into a completely unnatural position. The Seven-Colored Golden Radiance Snake shot right by his body, only slightly missing him. In a split second, Chu Yang used his two fingers and concentrated all his qi into the tips forming something akin to a sword and furiously stabbing at the snake's weak spot.


The Seven-Coloured Golden Radiance Snake let out a sharp paralyzing scream before it writhed painfully. The radiant spot atop his head was bleeding black blood profusely which mixed with the colours on its scales. After it could no longer hold on to the cliff face, it rolled off and plummeted straight to the ground, landing with a loud thud.

Chu Yang heaved a sigh of relief. He moved in the direction where the snake had come from and carefully climbed over. Although he could have moved much quickly, he was afraid that in doing so, he might carelessly damage the Golden Blood Root…

A Golden Blood Root which was more than a century old…

Chu Yang was filled with excitement. An absolute rare treasure. A 50 year old Golden Blood Root would be sufficient to produce results, boost and sustain future progress. Then what about a root which has been growing for over a hundred years? What kind of results might it give the user?

As­­­ Chu Yang continued to move further down, he smelled a faint aroma. It smelled of the Snow Wing Orchid, it had a lingering effect and although it was not strong, it was calm and refreshing. Chu Yang was now more optimistic than ever. While a normal Golden Blood Root would have no colour of flavour, one which is more than a century old would have a faint smell. The smell emitted wasn't much different from other aromatic herbs. If it was grown in another area where other herbs thrived, the smell itself would be indistinguishable.

Fortunately for Chu Yang, this Golden Blood Root was growing off a cliff face. In an environment with such sparse vegetation, the aroma stood out prominently.

Chu Yang carefully inched himself step by step forward. He observed a few blood red leaves on a rock gently swaying in the wind. Beneath the rocks was a small hint of a red herb, its red as intense as blood.

This was indeed the Golden Blood Root!

Chu Yang set himself in a steady position as he climbed down further. He then pulled out a sword and concentrated his qi into its tip before stabbing it into the rock face with all the force he could muster. Half of the blade sunk into the rock and Chu Yang carefully stepped on the sword using it as an anchor. He then used another sword and began to dig in an extremely cautious manner so as not to damage the root

One of the swords that he brought with him belonged to Tan Tan. He had snuck out with it early in the morning while Tan Tan was still fast asleep. He was sure that Tan Tan would have been furious if he knew that his precious sword was being used as a digging tool.

Chu Yang was unable to contain his excitement as he thought to himself "My elder martial brother is so truthful and kind. I did not realise that he was like this." This feeling that he felt surprised him.

As Chu Yang continued to dig away, his body became soaked in sweat. His digging effort had revealed a cave which was just the right size for him to fit through. With some difficulty, he managed to squeeze into the hole. He heaved a sigh of relief and resumed his effort to search for the Golden Blood Root and find its root, pushing away its red leaves. He took special care to make sure that there was a safety distance of 3 meters around him before beginning the excavation. With each rock that he dug, Chu Yang carefully placed it next to him to prevent them from falling off. After the area beside him could place no more, he began to place them at the side of the cliff letting them fall down along it but always being careful to avoid anyone's attention by making as little noise as possible.

Despite the area being seemingly desolate, it was better to be careful and to prevent unnecessary trouble from arising.

The entire digging process in itself took more than an hour. Chu Yang's entire body was drenched in sweat from top to bottom, but the tip of the Golden Blood Root was finally visible. It produced a radiant yet dreamy light as though the blood from within the root was moving.

The entire Golden Blood Root remained pristine and undamaged. The root was intact and as large as two fat fingers placed next to one another. He gently touched it and felt as though he was touching a large ripe juicy peach.

"This is really the good stuff! It looks like this Golden Blood Root was almost two hundred years old. No wonder why in the previous life, Shi Qian Shan progressed so quickly… that punk! It was because he found such a rare treasure!"

Now it belongs to me!

Chu Yang examined the root in all its glory from top to bottom, his eyes filled with joy as he tried to catch his breath. He had never imagined that it would have been this good!

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