Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 9 The True Master Of The Nine Tribulations Sword!

The liquid that was stored in the Golden Blood Root is a form of an elixir. The older the age of the root, the greater the quality and amount of the liquid elixir will be present within. This elixir within the root itself has extreme empowering effects. However, if the root is being dug out carelessly and is nicked, the elixir stored within will flow out quickly into the soil, making it no different than a normal root.

Chu Yang stood on the rock face as he tried to catch his breath and calm down. He then placed the Golden Blood Root inside his mouth before chewing gently. A steady stream of cool golden liquid which reflected the light flowed steadily into his mouth.

The name "Golden Blood Root" was actually derived from the shiny and glimmering liquid which seemingly appeared like gold within the root.

As Chu Yang consumed the elixir, his body was filled with power as it spread throughout all the meridian channels within his body. At this time, the sword spirit in his dantian was uplifted and he felt as though it had burst out of his dantian in order to get a taste of this rare elixir before his meridians were able to absorb it.

Chu Yang was unable to believe the feeling of satisfaction that he had felt from the Nine Tribulations sword spirit as it slowly retreated back into his dantian.

Even though he was still clinging to the cliff face, Chu Yang let out a laugh as he thought to himself "This thing actually has a personality, eh?"

A golden light flashed on the body of the sword spirit brighter than ever before but vanished as quickly as it came. A cold energy which radiated a dark light was being poured out from the sword and into the meridian channels of his body. A light shone on Chu Yang's skin before disappearing as he felt his meridians fluctuating, being filled and energy flowing out repeatedly.

This happened continuously nine times before everything returned to its normal state.

The medicinal properties of the Golden Blood Root Elixir, after going through the sword spirit, transformed and finally joined his meridians…

Chu Yang was excited to test his meridians and quickly activated them. As he did, he felt a renewed strength within, almost as though he had become invincible.

The result of this root is extremely beneficial for me! Although my martial prowess did not increase, it has transformed all of my meridians. This will make my road towards the True Way considerably easier. If the average martial user's meridians are to be compared to mine it would be the same as comparing a small pond to a deeply dug well! That is the difference between our natures!

However, before he could finish his thought, he felt the sword spirit within him produce a light of extreme brilliance making Chu Yang feel overwhelmed as though he had transcended into an entirely different realm. As this light died down, his dantian experienced a slight feeling of pain. However, Chu Yang knew that something mysterious was happening within himself…

Suddenly, within him, these verses appeared:

"The Way of the Heavens without love, then all things will be destroyed;

The Way of the Heavens with love, then all things will be created.

The Way of the Sword without love kills people;

The Way of the Sword with love, the heart values life.

With love, without love, it depends on you.

Nine lives, nine tribulations, without love is also with love.

With love is without love;

With love is also without love;

Without love is also with love;

With love, without love, the understanding is hidden within.

That is the Way of the Heavens.

People utilised martial arts to learn the Way of the Heavens. All in search of the final result - Transcendence.

In the secular human world, the secret to the Way of the Heavens is also there.

Human emotions, the root of the Way of the Heavens…"

Chu Yang's body began to move uncontrollably as his emotions were shaken up. His head felt dizzy and his eyes blurry, almost making him fall off the face of the cliff. His body then began to convulse uncontrollably.

In his past life, he had used any method possible to cultivate, even to the point of using the dark arts, killing for the sake of advancing his Sword Art. Yet he was still unable to comprehend the pinnacle of Martial Arts. However, at this point in time, Chu Yang realized the truth.

So in the previous life, I was wrong to cultivate the Way of the Sword without love. This wasn't the right way at all!

This was the principle verse of the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique!

What is without love or with love? All of it lies within the heart. The heart without love is the same as the Way of the Sword without love. Love was the key all along.

Deep cultivation is the Way of the Heavens!

In my previous life, it was clear that I was full of love, but time and time again, I tried to destroy love. No wonder I could not succeed!

Both methods were to achieve the same objective but were two vastly different roads. One to become a Saint and another to become a Demon! Everything is within the heart, how to cultivate is no different.

"Qing Wu, it turns out I was wrong! From the beginning, I was wrong! This really is the tragedy of our lives."

Chu Yang looked to the skies in pain. Oh, Nine Tribulations Sword! Oh, Nine Tribulations Sword! How you toyed with me! I wasted an entire lifetime because of a misdirection, only for you to bring me back again!

In the end, should I hate you or thank you?

Because of Chu Yang's emotional state, he had not realized a few small black spots that were at the tip of the Nine Tribulations sword spirit in dantian.

Outside of the Purple Bamboo Garden, the sun began to rise and two people were seen approaching. One young man and another young woman. Both of them were dressed in white with their sleeves fluttering in the wing within a forest of purple bamboo, making them appear like they were deities of some kind. This young man had bright eyes and eyebrows as sharp as swords. His stature was one which was confident and his aura heroic. The air of arrogance which surrounded him made others feel inferior and pressured. The young lady appeared to be an adolescent of about 18 years who had a beauty which appeared only in paintings. She had a serene face with a posture of grace, tall and lithe.

A weak appearance, but a strong posture; an appearance of unyielding bravery, yet with a feeling of fluidity like water.

"Disciples Li Jian Yin of Locking Clouds Peak and Wu Qian Qian of Gathering Clouds Peak, following Masters' orders to see Martial Uncle Meng. Martial Brothers, please help notify the Master." The young man in white called out.

His voice traveled far without dissipating, a sign that he had cultivated high internal energy.

Locking Clouds Peak was the second-ranking peak, and today they had come with Gathering Clouds Peak. But today they were disappointed because no one from the Purple Bamboo Garden answered them.

During this time, Tan Tan was busy cultivating with Shi Qian Shan deep in the Purple Bamboo forest and was unable to hear their calls. Whereas for Meng Chao Ran, his whereabouts were unknown. Therefore, no one answered their calls.

Li Jian Yin called out again, but still, no one answered. Grimacing, he unhappily said, "These people of this Purple Bamboo Garden, are they still not up yet?! Why can't I even hear a breath?"

After hearing him, the young lady furrowed her eyebrows, and said softly, "Junior Martial Brother Li, please be careful with what you say. This is Purple Bamboo Forest, do not let others hear that. It could make Junior Martial Uncle Meng unhappy."

"Junior Martial Uncle Meng? Haha…" the young man laughed bluntly, but said with a low voice, "This Martial Uncle Meng, I heard that if people rode on his head, he wouldn't get mad… that is the kind of person he is. Meek and lacking courage. I cannot fathom how he managed to become one of the Ten Great Disciples back then!"

After this, the young lady became scared and said, "Junior Martial Brother Li, before coming here, what did your parents tell you? They said, when we talk, we have to be very careful. Why is Junior Martial Brother…"

She did not finish her sentence when a cold "hmph" rung out from behind them.

A cold voice was heard from behind them. "How did my master manage to become one of the Ten Great Disciples is none of your concern. You are in no position to ask that question. However, I want to ask you, how did a disrespectful egomaniac become a disciple of Locking Clouds Peak? Do you have a lot of money? Or is your father powerful?"

The voice was ice cold and the questions raised sounded cruel, startling those who heard it. The gaze behind the voice was unsettling.

However, the two remained unnerved; they quickly turned around in the direction of the voice, to see a young man covered in grime. At first glance, he seemed dirty, but there was a keen light radiating from his cold stare. This youth had a slim and tall stature with sharp brows and thin lips. Although he appeared not to be particularly handsome or heroic initially, upon careful inspection, one could sense something special about him. His lips were curved, forming an inverted bow, giving the expression of arrogance and brutal aggression. His gaze was as sharp as swords, so sharp that others would have felt like they were being compelled to look away!

This youth was Chu Yang!

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