Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1383

Chapter 1383: Seventh Grade True Immortal, Someone as Unworthy as You Wants to Be Crowned King?

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An incredible surge of Celestial Demon qi erupted from the sky, landing on the runic barrier with the might of a raging torrent!

Several proud figures descended from a vortex amidst the dark clouds.

Each of them was emitting an incredibly powerful Celestial Demon qi. They were clearly sky-prides and Prodigies of the Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe!

“It’s Yan Yun and the others!”


Ming Yifeng, Lin Qiu, and the others were overjoyed.

Following the arrival of the Celestial Demon sky-prides, the sky-prides observing the scene in secret were shocked.

“This is obviously a trap for the Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe. I can’t believe they still have the guts to appear despite knowing that.”

“Hmph. It seems the Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivators are true comrades in arms.”


The Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivators who arrived were led by Yan Yun.

He looked at the barrier with a grim expression. “Hmph. The Mountain Ghoul House has been targeting us for too long. We must settle this today.”

With that, he and the other Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivators attacked together.

The surrounding Celestial Demon qi grew stronger before it collided with the runic barrier.

Under such immense power, the barrier gradually dissipated as if it could crumble at any moment.

At that moment, countless Daoist patterns merging with powerful Immortal’s Core energy appeared in the distance. They formed a giant black mountain, which came crashing down toward them!

“It’s the Mountain Ghoul House’s cultivation technique!”

“This is bad. That attack is a powerful one. We must block it together!”

Yan Yun and the other Celestial Demon cultivators took action at once. They unleashed various Immortal Techniques and divine abilities, eventually crushing that great black mountain into pieces!

However, due to the impact of the attack from both sides, Yan Yun and the others were forced back a great distance.

They looked above the runic barrier with a grave expression.

That was when they saw a person walking out from the void.

That person was dressed in magnificent black robes and had narrow, sharp brows. He looked at Yan Yun and the others with a contemptuous gaze. “Oh, you guys are the only ones who came?”

“The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist!”

Yan Yun and the others glared at him, with anger burning in their eyes.

That person was the Mountain Ghoul House’s Divine Daoist.

“Besides Jue Wushen, I suppose there are still a few people who’re somewhat formidable in the Pseudo Celestial Demon Tribe. If I’m not mistaken, you guys must be Yan Yun, Yue Shan, and Lin Feng, right?” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said.

“You seem to know a lot about us Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivators, huh?” Yan Yun snorted.

“Well, I do have to carry out a great deal of intelligence work to defeat you guys.”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist’s gaze swept across the surroundings before he asked indifferently, “What’s the matter? Is Jue Wushen not coming?”

“The few of us here are enough to deal with you!”

“How ignorant.”

Without another word, Yan Yun’s figure turned into a waft of black smoke that instantly disappeared into the void.

The next time he appeared, he was above the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist. With a raise of his hand, he unleashed a surge of Celestial Demon qi toward his opponent!

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist merely lifted his hand, and his mighty Immortal’s Core energy collided against the incoming Celestial Demon qi!


Following the loud collision, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist remained standing tall like a mountain while, on the other hand, Yan Yun was blasted off his feet.

“This Immortal’s Core energy… You’re a Seventh-grade True Immortal!”

Yan Yun could not help but narrow his gaze.

After all, the Prodigies on his side were either Second- or Third-grade True Immortals.

However, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist’s cultivation level was currently in the Seventh-grade True Immortal Realm!

The difference in power was enough to make most sky-prides and Prodigies give up and lose hope!

“How keen of you.”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist stood proudly while giving his opponents a look of contempt.

The surrounding sky-prides burst into an uproar.

“Seventh-grade True Immortal? How did the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist’s cultivation level increase so quickly? This is just too shocking.”

“It seems his visit to the Heavenly Dao Spire has benefitted him immensely.”

“I also heard he has awakened a top-tier Chaos Celestial Demon Physique trait. Adding this to his Seventh-grade True Immortal cultivation, how can anyone possibly go against him?”

“As expected of the Immortal Hall’s Divine Daoist. What a remarkable individual!”

The True Immortal Realm was classified into nine grades, with a world’s difference between each grade.

Even if the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist did not awaken his Chaos Celestial Demon Physique, his Seventh-grade True Immortal cultivation level could still make him unparalleled among the younger generation.

What was more, he also had a top-tier Chaos Celestial Demon Physique now.

It could be said that with the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist’s current strength, he was incredibly close to being a Peerless Prodigy.

“Even if he’s a Seventh-grade True Immortal, we shall not surrender from this fight!”

Looking at Ming Yifeng, Lin Qiu, and the others trapped inside the runic barrier, Yan Yun, Yue Feng, and Lin Feng each had a determined look in their eyes.

Ever since young, they had been adopted by Xu Wu as experimental subjects, so they ate together, slept together, and grew up together. It was an understatement to say that their bonds were as strong as blood-related siblings.

Now with the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist threatening to kill their brothers and sisters, how could they back down without a fight?!


Yan Yun attacked once more. This time, his figure took on an ethereal form and turned into several bundles of black smoke, which transformed into a total of seven identical Yan Yuns.

The seven Yan Yuns charged toward the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist altogether.

“Oh, a clone technique?”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist could tell that all seven Yan Yuns were not illusions. They were all similar to the genuine material and contained powerful combat strengths.

It was a very advanced clone technique.

“So what if you have a very high-level clone technique? Your cultivation level is just too low!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist unleashed a punch without fear!

His raging Immortal’s Core energy blasted all the clones apart, sending even the real Yan Yun flying.

“Lin Feng, now!” Yan Yun yelled.

Behind him, Lin Feng was armed with an Immortal Sword, and his Celestial Demon qi gushed into the sword like a surging torrent.

The Immortal Sword trembled a little, and intertwining Daoist patterns began intertwining!

Then, an incomparably terrifying sword qi shot out toward the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist like a hurricane. Even Yan Yun was caught up in that attack.

However, Yan Yun dispersed into a puff of black smoke the instant that sword qi attack landed.

That was an incredibly terrifying sword attack!

Having been distracted by Yan Yun, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist did not notice that attack for a moment.

The surrounding sky-prides were secretly amazed by that.

“What flawless teamwork they have.”

“With one focusing on distraction and the other in charge of preparing a powerful attack, even Yan Yun will be caught up in that attack if he doesn’t watch out.”

However, the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist did not panic in the face of the powerful incoming attack.

Just when he was about to dodge, he suddenly felt the ground beneath him disappearing. Two vortexes had appeared below him, with both his feet sinking into them, immobilizing the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist.

Yue Feng was forming hand signs from afar as his Celestial Demon qi surged!

It was clear he was the reason that the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist was stuck.

One took charge of distracting the enemy while the other focused on offense, and the third was in charge of trapping the enemy. They did not discuss it prior to the fight and only decided on their roles themselves the moment the battle startled.

Their teamwork was smooth and impeccable.

“What wonderful teamwork. However, that’s all you can do!” As the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist roared, his Immortal’s Core energy burst forward like a turbulent ocean. “Mountain Ghoul Art, Thousandfold Ghoul Mountain!”

Countless Daoist patterns intertwined in the void, forming a gigantic black mountain surrounded by a hurricane that headed toward the Pseudo Celestial Demon cultivators!

The gigantic mountain smashed apart the sword qi hurricane. At the same time, Lin Feng, Yan Yun, and Yue Feng were all sent flying by the endless barrage of flying rocks and boulders from that attack.

They were all remarkable cultivators, but the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist was stronger than them.

“Damn it!”

Yan Yun and the others looked grim, and a strong sense of powerlessness welled up within them.

“I shall give you an opportunity now. Submit to me and crown me as your king, and I shall let all of you live. How about that?!” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist said proudly.

“Someone as unworthy as you want to be crowned king?!”

At that time, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

An incomparably tyrannical Celestial Demon qi erupted from the distance, reducing everything in its path into nothing wherever it went!

Even the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist was forced back several meters because of the powerful impact of that Celestial Demon qi.

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