What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes?

Chapter 963: This Is A 'Friendly' Spar

Chapter 963: This Is A 'Friendly' Spar

(Lian Li POV)

I was not delusional, I knew even with all of us fighting these three bitches together, our chance of victory was still slim now.

The first thing they did after recovering from Elaria's weapon from the sky was to pull out Master's white orb from us again.

For this particular action, we didn't impede them from doing so since Lilith had told us this was the alarm inscription Master had placed on us. Something that would alert Master if we were in danger.

Naturally, letting Master know about this late night rendezvous of ours was the last thing we wanted to happen.

That doesn't mean we wouldn't take advantage of the fact that they were preoccupied with such an action that we wouldn't try and kill them while they were distracted.

In Cai Hong's case however, either because she was too strong or Master made her inscriptions much more potent than ours but they were unable to extract her alarm inscription out from her body.

That was both a boon and a bane as it essentially tied down both sides where Cai Hong had to avoid getting hit as much as possible while they had to deal with Cai Hong being able to snap their necks easily too. 

Ah, but make no mistake, when I said that our chance of victory was slim, it did not mean that we would most likely lose since our chance of defeat was also quite nonexistent.

We could not defeat them easily, but neither could they do the same to us.

The protection that Master had given us was something they could not seal or take away no matter how hard they tried. Even if they were to try their best to kill us, the shield would repel their attempts with impunity.

But we were also not strong enough to kill them either. Wound, yes, but to really kill them, that was a difficulty even for all of us combined.

For now, that is.

They have to get through Master's protection, something already nigh impossible to achieve. We just need to grow strong enough to kill gods within this battle. Something I will most definitely do because these three bitches dared, DARED, to hurt our Master, that is already something we cannot forgive.

I let out an uncharacteristic roar upon that memory, calling forth lightning from the heavens to strike down at that vampire bitch in front of me.

She batted the heavenly lightning that would have split mountains into two with a casual wave of her hand, rushing towards me with her hand in a claw grip.

The hand reached for my throat and, as expected, was repelled by Master's shield splendidly, leaving her open for an attack by me.

I fired off a beam of lightning from my palm, hitting her right in the stomach and blowing her away.

Cai Hong swooped down at that very moment, her fist striking that bitch in the face and blowing a section of her head clean off.

The vampire bitch wasn't even fazed by the missing portion of her head and tried to slash back at the dragon, only to miss as she dodged out of the way.

She tried to come back for a second attack but was forced back when a wave of blood rushed towards her.

Cai Hong let out a growl but decided the element of surprise was lost and went to fight the other two for now.

If only I could manifest my domain! This would have been all over in an instant!

Just look at this bitch regenerating herself with a smug look on her face!!

"Fufufu… In my domain of blood, you could shred me until my physical body no longer remains but as long as the blood is still present, I will not die," That vampire bitch laughed. "It's such a shame that his protection also protects you from my domain… Otherwise, your blood would have been under my command as well and you'd be nothing more than just a stain on the ground."

By now, her head had already healed back to its original form, giving me a full view of her disgusting smirk.

I looked to the side to see Cai Hong engaged with the flaming wolf bitch, though it looks like she wouldn't be able to end that fight decisively either.

I turned back and showed the bitch the same disdainful smirk on my face, "Well, doesn't that just prove that Master loves us more than you? He made sure none of you will be able to touch us, after all."

My words caused her smirk to turn upside down.

"The moment I break through those defences of yours… I'll not only kill you but make sure you suffer every single second of it."

"I'd like to see you try."

The two of us clashed again, both of our attacks completely ineffective against each other.

I need to be better! I need to be stronger! If I can claim my domain over Conception, then this bloodsucking bitch would turn into less than a mere stain on the sidewalk!

She tried to grab my throat and I reached out for hers, her fingers stopping inches from my skin as the shield flared to life while I exerted all my strength trying and failing to crush her hardened skin.

I growled at her, "You're just upset Master never gave you His love!"

"I have my darling's love right here inside me!"

"Oh?! How funny! Master fills me up with His love every night in between my legs too! I bet yours is so dry and wrinkled by now it's already flaked away to dust, isn't it?"

"Hmph!! You've never felt the feeling of being fully immersed in Darling's essence have you?! To feel his very being wrap around your very core! His own divinity emanating from within your soul! You have no idea what it is like to truly love him as we do!"

"If your love requires you to hurt Master, then that is no way to love!"

"Foolish mortal… Do you think darling will always choose you? You are merely just a footnote in history. Soon, you would be forgotten as well. The only way to even be with him is to take a part of darling into yourself! Not that we would share him with you anyway so just die!"

She reared back her fist and punched towards my face, her attack stopping just shy of my nose as the shield stopped her assault again.

I, on the other hand, also reared back my fist to punch her in the face, only managing to shift her head to the side a mere centimetre despite using all my strength.

That dissolved into a slogfest as the two of us forgo all sorts of skill or Technique and simply hammered away at each other's faces, our rage at each other's existence showing through.

Right as I was about to try and blast her away, I felt the air heat up before suddenly cooling down drastically.

Both of us immediately looked towards the side, spotting Manami and Kiyomi holding each other's hands while their bodies were wrapped in fire and ice respectively.

Oh, they are ascending.

Looks like we are actually going to kill them after all!

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