Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1310 - The Story of Ling and Heng (573)

Chapter 1310: The Story of Ling and Heng (573)

Feng Ling looked at him with a different gaze. “You said that you loved me for ten years, and you never agreed to break up with me. I’ve thought about it. No matter what age you are in, you always seem to be inseparable from me. I’m destined to be entangled with you for the rest of my life.”

She paused for two seconds before continuing calmly, “I’m no longer a naive teenage girl. I’m almost twenty-six years old, which means I’m at the right age for marriage. I’ll either let go of the knot in my heart and fall in love with other men who pursue me, or I’ll cling to you forever. There’s no need for us to waste time with each other.”

“So?” Li Nanheng frowned slightly.

“The Washington Financial Conference is worth one billion yuan. Within a week, whoever gets the money first will win.” Feng Ling raised her chin and looked at him indifferently. “If you win, I’ll marry you. If I win, you’ll never appear again. There will be an end between us.”

Li Nanheng smiled. “That’s it?”

Hearing his tone, Feng Ling looked at him coldly. “Don’t be so early. I have conditions.”


“In the Financial Conference next month, you’re not allowed to let those behind you participate, nor are you allowed to take out your private funds to participate in the financing. I know you’re rich, and the Li Corporation doesn’t need to finance, but right now, the way we compare notes is to decide who will win the one billion outside. This game must be based on the rules of equality.” Feng Ling looked at him coldly. “If you dare to cheat, I’ll dare to find another man to marry in a flash.”

Li Nanheng placed his hands on the railings and looked down at her. When he heard that she was going to find another man to marry in a flash, he said with a faint smile, “I’m afraid that man is tired of living.”

Feng Ling looked away, no longer looking at him, but at the sign on the stairs. “I’m going to see Ji Nuan.” With that, she walked down.

Listening to Feng Ling’s footsteps gradually fade away, Li Nanheng withdrew his gaze from the staircase. He picked up his phone, played with it for a moment, and turned to leave.

As he walked, he dialed a number on his phone. The other party answered the call and said indifferently, “Check all the investors and S+level investors of the Washington Financial Conference next month. Find out who they are and bring my words to them. If New York’s Feng Corporation comes to them to study the funding plan, open the door for her to enter. Don’t make things difficult for her.”

After giving a few simple instructions, Li Nanheng hung up the phone. He turned back to see Qin Siting leaning against the door with his arms crossed, looking at him with a clear and meaningful gaze.

Li Nanheng put the phone back into his pocket and walked over. “Has the other party collapsed?”

“Of course.” Qin Siting smiled and glanced at him at the same time. “I went to the safe passage just now and heard a few words.”

Li Nanheng remained silent.

“You clearly know that this is the last bottom line she has set for herself. She will either be with you or cut off completely. Although it is indeed in line with her character, after combining her conditions, you only have a fifty percent chance of winning. If you lose, I’m afraid she will never look back. You’re good. Not only did you not give her any trouble, but you even let the finance department open the door for her. Why? Are you trying to send her away with your own hands?”

Li Nanheng put one hand in his trouser pocket and asked, “If Shi Niange asked you to play such a game, would you choose to let her enjoy the thrill of revenge in this game and let her vent her anger, be happy, or choose to go head-on with her and let her taste the taste of failure?”

Qin Siting raised his eyebrows. “You seem to understand her very well.”

Li Nanheng sneered. “I didn’t do anything unforgivable. If she is angry, I will let her vent her anger. If she is unhappy, I will let her take revenge until she is satisfied. Her life in the first thirteen years was messy and empty. In the next eleven years, I have been around. No one knows her better than me.”

Qin Siting snorted. “Look at how pleased you are. It’s as if what she said earlier was not a game but a promise to marry you and become Mrs. Li.”

Li Nanheng smiled. “The moment she spoke, she was already one.”

“Are you very confident?”

“It’s not confidence. It’s the truth.”

“Back then, the cenotaph was just a name. It has nothing to do with the truth. Besides, she is still alive. The cenotaph is useless. You should be aware of this.”

“Of course.” Li Nanheng glanced at him, as if his brother had accidentally seen his treasure. “Just now, did you see her marksmanship?”

“En,” Qin Siting casually replied.

“How is it? Is she outstanding?”


“Is she handsome?”


“Does she look good?”


“Are you envious?”


“Compared to your Shi Niange, is Feng Ling prettier?”


Qin Siting couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t stand this Li Nanheng who had been left out for more than two years. He had just accepted a “sparring” game and was already so excited. He turned and left.

Ji Nuan had really experienced a great calamity. Feng Ling stayed in Los Angeles for a few days. When Ji Nuan was out of danger and brought back to Hai City by Mr. Mo, she left Los Angeles and returned to New York to prepare for the Financial Conference a month later.

In fact, this was her first time participating in such a grand financial conference. The fifth street of Washington was the largest financial center in the world. However, Feng Ling had been to Washington once or twice, but she had never been there. Instead, she went to the border of the city for missions, to eliminate all kinds of terrorists, and to participate in many life and death rescue missions.

The plane landed smoothly at Washington Airport. After leaving the airport, she took a taxi to the city. Feng Ling sat in the car and closed her eyes to rest.

The car drove for more than an hour, and when it reached the exit of the airport highway, there was a traffic jam. She opened her eyes from the back and saw that the cars outside were also stuck here. She looked at the peaceful world through the window.

In this way, she struggled to escape from the bloodbath in the business world every day. What she moved most every day was not her hands and feet, but her heart and mind. This kind of life seemed peaceful and safe, but it was actually very exhausting. However, at the very least, she did not have to rush to take a helicopter, nor did she have to rush to save someone because of an emergency rescue.

Feng Ling felt that every time she opened her eyes, the ten years of life seemed like a dream.

She didn’t know when she was real and when she was fake.

She was in a trance. Every time she closed her eyes, the dream she had was related to the previous ten years. It was like a rain of bullets, and she felt refreshed.

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